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Bosnian is a Southern Slavonic language and is one of the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is very closely related to Serbian, Croatian and Slovene. When Bosnia was part of Yugoslavia, Bosnian was considered a dialect of Serbo-Croatian. But after the country’s independence it has been given an independent language status. Bosnian is written in Latin as well as Cyrillic alphabets. For everyday use mostly Latin script is used, but since there are several historical factors associated with the Cyrillic alphabet this script too is used in the country.
There are different dialects of Bosnian that are used and these dialects have several differences between them mainly in the scripts, grammar and vocabulary. Each of these dialects has many different sub forms. Bosnian in particular bases its dialect on Shtokavian, which is the most widespread dialect of Serbo-Croatian language family.  
Learning Bosnian can be useful because it is spoken in many countries around the world. Along with Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is also spoken in Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey, with nearly 3.5 million speakers worldwide making it a very important language. Also learning Bosnian can be helpful while travelling to places where Bosnian is spoken. If you have plans to expand your business in Bosnia then learning Bosnian will be beneficial in reaching out to the millions who speak the language. Bosnian is closely related to Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin, which means that it's the best choice if you want to further your understanding in these dialects.

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