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Belarusian is the official language of Belarus. It is an eastern Slavic language and is closely related to Russian and Ukrainian.
Belarusian dialects can be divided into three groups: the northeast group, the southwest group, and the central group. Even though Belarusian has been the official language of Belarus only since 1918, its roots go way back, to fourteenth century where it was an official language of the Belarusian–Lithuanian State Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Historically it had been written using the Latin and Arabic alphabets. Today Cyrillic, almost identical to Russian, is the official alphabet.
Although Belarusian and Russian belong to the same group of Slavic languages, there is significant difference between the two languages. However, if you do know some Russian or Ukrainian, you'll find it easy to learn the language because of the similarity between alphabets, grammatical rules, and even the pitfalls.

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Are you planning to visit Belarus? Visit to any foreign country is more fulfilling when you can understand and express yourself to people in their language. Also learning at least a few phrases of Belarusian will earn you a lot admiration from the locals. The best to way to understand the culture and traditions of a country is by learning the language. Learning Belarusian will give you a better picture of the rich cultural heritage of Belarus. And if your ancestors were from Belarus then learning Belarusian will help you understand your roots.
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