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Bavarian belongs to the Upper German languages and is spoken in Bavaria, most of Austria and in South Tyrol in northern Italy. There are three main dialects of Bavarian language: northern Bavarian, central Bavarian and southern Bavarian.
Bavaria is a famous travel destination in Germany and is famous for its World-class museums, speedy cars, Alpine vistas, dreamy castles as food and beer. If you are visiting Bavaria then make it a point to learn at least avert words or phrases of the local language. Since Bavarian dialect is the daily language of choice among Bavarians, you need to know some Bavarian in order to get by. Bavarians will be flattered that you have made the effort to learn a bit of their language. Bavaria is fairly easy to explore and travel in, but not so convenient if you want to really immerse in their culture.  Bavaria has a cultural identity unique within Germany.

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And since Bavarian economy is going really strong, learning the language will open the doors to several job opportunities. Knowledge of Bavarian will certainly add a skill to your resume that many of the employers cannot ignore. If your ancestors are from Bavaria, learning the language of your ancestry will help you re connect with your roots.
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