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Azerbaijani also known as Azeri is the official language of the Azerbaijan Republic. It is also spoken in north-western Iran regions of Russia, eastern Turkey and Georgia. Azerbaijani is one of the 20 languages of the Turkic branch of the Altaic language family which includes languages such as Turkish, Uzbek, Kazakh, Uyghur, and Tatar. There is a degree of mutually intelligibility between Azerbaijani and Turkish. Azerbaijani is also closely related to Turkish, Qashqai, Turkmen and Crimean Tatar.
There are two main varieties of the language namely North Azerbaijani and South Azerbaijani. Though sometimes they are considered as separate language there is considerable about of intelligibility between them.
 The Azerbaijani language of the Republic of Azerbaijan uses Latin alphabet for writing. Some of the distinctive characteristics of this language are absence of articles, absence of initial and final consonant clusters, use of postpositions instead of propositions, vowel harmony, and agglutinative in nature.
There are several benefits of learning Azerbaijani language. Learning Azerbaijani will open career opportunities in variety of fields. Many Turkic languages are mutually intelligible dialects and learning Azeri is a stepping stone in learning other Turkic languages which is spoken all over the middle east. Also since Azerbaijan is a major trade partner of USA, people fluent in Azerbaijani are in great demand. If you are very interested in Azeri culture and literature, then learning the language is the best way to get into the rich poetry and cultural traditions. By learning this language you can admire the great compositions of some world renowned poets from the region in its original language.

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