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Assyrian or Neo-Assyrian is a north eastern Neo-Aramaic language. It is spoken by people in Assyria which is located in north Mesopotamia and spans four countries namely Syria, turkey, Iran and Iraq. The language is also spoken by many immigrants belonging to the Assyrian diaspora mainly in the USA and Europe.
Assyrians are Semitic people indigenous to North Iraq ethnically distinct from Arabs and Jews. They are the builders of the great Mesopotamian civilizations. All throughout the history, Assyrians have made use of two primary languages: ancient Assyrian (Akkadian), and Modern Assyrian (neo-syriac). They currently speak modern Assyrian which is also known as neo-Syriac. It was the lingua franca of the Middle East until 900 A.D. until it was supplanted by Arabic language. Before this they spoke Akkadian and Assyrian Aramaic. Modern Assyrian (neo-Syriac) spoken today is a mixture of the ancient Assyrian Akkadian and Aramaic. In fact the contemporary Assyrians use thousands of Akkadian words in their daily conversation. Ancient Assyrians used Cuneiform script for writing. This script was used until the 3rd Century of the Christian era. Today Aramaic alphabet is used which is derived originally from the Phoenician, and is written from right to left.

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