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Arawak language of South America belongs to the Arawak language family which is the largest in South America constituting of nearly 53 to 59 active languages. The most well-known languages are Lokono (Arawak proper), Guajiro, Island Carib, Maipuri, Achagua, Ipurina, Taino, Piro, Mojo, Paressi. Today a large number of Arawak languages are endangered.
Arawak languages are spoken in regions of Amazonia, French Guiana, Suriname, Guiana, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia. The Lokono Arawak is also as "True Arawak" or "Arawak proper". This is mainly to distinguish the language from the rest of the languages in the family.
All the languages of the Arawak family are complicated in different ways. As far the phonological system of the Arawakan languages is concerned vowel system is well-developed, but there are relatively few consonants. Each Arawak language has a few prefixes and numerous suffixes. Their morphological structure is basically agglutinative in nature. There are both prepositions and postpositions in the language.

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