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Amharic is spoken in Ethiopia where it is the official language. It belongs to the Semitic family of languages and is related to Arabic and Hebrew. But it differs from these languages particularly in its sentence structure.

Ethiopia is home to several ethnic groups and their different languages. And among all these language Amharic has remained the dominant language since at least the late 13th century and still is the most accepted language in the country. Amharic has more than three thousand years of history and is arguably the only African language which has its own letters and digit system. It is written in a script used only in Ethiopia called fidel (or fidal). In this writing system, consonant-vowel sounds are written as a unit. The language is written from left to right. Amharic has several local dialects which are mutually intelligible. The three major dialects are: Gondar, Gojjami, and Showa.

Amharic is the widely spoken language in Ethiopia. This makes it an important language to learn while visiting Ethiopia as most Ethiopians can’t speak English. So it is an advantage for a foreigner to speak some Amharic. Amharic knowledge will help you to enjoy the music, particularly reggae even better. Ethiopia is a very interesting country with fascinating culture and traditions. Learning Amharic will give you a better understanding of the customs, traditions and lifestyle of the people.

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