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Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Students (17-22),
    Adults (23-40),
    Adults (40+)
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Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate,
    Upper Intermediate,



Mandarin lessons for children

Mandarin for beginners

Business Mandarin

Conversational Mandarin

Mandarin for traveling

Working with Mandarin people

Having Mandarin friends

Reading and writing Mandarin

Understanding Mandarin movies

Mandarin lifestyle and culture

Marrying a native Mandarin


I am a professional Chinese tutor online.I will give you a video after each lesson to help you review.That is the big difference between other teachers!Sometimes I offer instantly tutoring. I teach beginners HSK in Harbin Engineering University at part time.I can also give you oral Chinese lessons if you are middle-level or advanced.I am good at teaching business Chinese as my second major is economy .I recorded videos for Confucius Institute Online to introduce Chinese culture and received an IPA intermediate certificate at 2014.I have got high level of mandarin certificate and I live in Harbin where people speak the most standard mandarin. Harbin is the hometown of many comperes in CCTV.Be careful! It matters a lot what region your teacher comes from, each region has it's own strong characteristics.
Below are the types of classes I currently offer:
Survival Chinese
Pinyin course listening and speaking class for beginners
Comprehensive course for beginners, middle-level, advance
HSK tutoring
Business Chinese course

*****My oldest student are Germany couple.They are over 60 years old.I teach them many things.We make cakes together and I tell them everything in kitchen in Chinese.We go out for lunch together and I tell them how to order a menu in Chinese.We often go to watch a opera and I translate for them.My youngest student is only 6 from Australia.
*****Here is my producing video.Looking forward to having a lesson with you!


    ? 3+years teaching experience ? Native and standard Mandarin speaker in Harbin?Experienced in teaching kids?adults with 700+online lessons and 1000+offline lessons? Majored in Teaching Chinese and economy in university.

Teaching Approach

*****For beginners
Introduce Chinese pinyin and tones:
Pinyin Tone Pairs Table & 20 Essential Words:
Self-study material:
Video explanation of Pinyin Tone Pairs Table & 20 Essential Words:
Making simple sentences with simple words:
?. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Chinese Time Words from Yoyo Chinese:
?.Grammar learning:
*****For middle-level to advanced
Experiencing Chinese ???? New Practical Chinese ?????(English &Russian& Spanish) Boya Chinese ????
*****For HSK &HSKK examiners
Standard Course HSK?HSK???and PowerPoint
*****For business men
New silk road business Chinese?????????Into Business with Chinese ???????
*****For someone who interested in Chinese culture,I will select materials only for you.
material from this website ??????????