$21 (45 min)
Education of foreign languages
Francisco de Miranda University - 2015

Name Gaby
Country Venezuela
Native Language Spanish
Preferred student age
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



English lessons for children

I worked in a kindergarden teaching English. Activities are pretty simple and it involves a lot of drilling.

Intensive English

Intensive English courses are usually two months long. I have taught ESL intensive courses.

English for beginners

A1/A2. Verbal tenses, vocabulary, irregular verbs.

Conversational English

There are many fun activities that I live to do when teaching Conversational English and it is a popular course.

Reading and writing English

We use books and articles. I usually sent homework to check your writting skills.

Reading and writing English

We use books and articles. I usually sent homework to check your writting skills.


Intensive Spanish

Spanish for beginners

I have taught Intensive Spanish for people who want to travel.

Business Spanish

A1/A2 students. Verbal tenses like presente simple,pasado simple. Basic Vocabulary, Genre, Articles, "ser y estar".

Conversational Spanish

Depending on your approach. I have work with technology and traveling.

Spanish for traveling

This is the most popular course as students are looking to improve their conversational skills. This is a good fit if you are intermediate.

Having Spanish friends

Situations while traveling, vocabulary.

Reading and writing Spanish

Slangs, idioms.

Spanish lifestyle and culture

We work with stories, written exercises. I send homework.

Marrying a native Spanish

I talk about culture and lifestyle of countries around Latin American.

About Tutor

Hi everybody. My name is Gabriela and I would like to be your Spanish teacher. I have a bachelor's degree in Education of foreign languages and I've been teaching Spanish and English for two years. My native language is Spanish and I am from Venezuela. I like meeting students from all over the world. I speak fluent English and basic Portuguese, so if you are a beginner you don't need to be afraid. About my classes, I like to be active. In our first class I test your Spanish level and then the following classes I will focus on your weak points. Then, I like to use any kind of material: music, games, news, articles, among others.
I teach all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and I always try to help my students as much as I can. I always give the best of me and my main goal is for you to learn this beautiful language.
I am friendly, responsible and creative.
I would like to meet you soon!


I got graduated from University specializing in foreign language education. I am EFL and ELE teacher.I have taught English in schools and at the university. I have taught Spanish custom classes to foreign people and at school. I am studying education, so I am already prepared to be a teacher.

My mother tongue is Spanish, so I speak it perfectly; Additionally, I took two literature courses I took a Spanish grammar course.
I like to write stories and learn new words, so I know about Spanish grammar and all of those things you need to know in order to speak Spanish perfectly.
I studied English for 4 years at university Francisco de Miranda. I also took an English course in London and I got a certificate. Even though my native language is Spanish, I love to teach english., I am always studying English in order to improve my knowledge so I can share what I know with other people.

Teaching Approach

I always try to develop the four skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading. So, I use the ecletic method which is a combination of different teaching and learning approaches. This method has an innovative, imaginative and creative curriculum and it works the 4 skills at the same time. The materials I use are commonly created by me. Even though I finished my career at the university, I keep studying about the learning process and different teaching approaches.

When I teach conversational Spanish, I use role plays, vocabulary games, speaking cards, pictures among others.

*Translation method: When a student doesn't get a sentence or it's a beginner who doesn't speak anything at all the new language, this way is common and helpful for them. They will feel better because they will not feel lost and they will be capable of understanding what the teacher said. I apply this method to beginners students who are starting to speak a new language, of course, it's not a good idea to apply this method every day.

*Audiolingual method: Using authentic material taken from real life helps the student to use the language in real life situations, so they will see they are learning things that will be useful for them. Listenings, songs, movies, dialogues are good and funny ways to learn a language, so I use them. Short stories, newspaper, articles, worksheets, are suitable for reading practice.

Also, I like my students to work at home, I mean, not only practicing the language in the class but practicing at home. I usually send them worksheets to practice or when the class finishes I send them the worksheet of the topic for the next class. If you don't practice, you will speak like a robot, that's my motto.

As you can see, I like languages, and for me, it's an honor to teach them. I'm charismatic and can find many ways to make you understand everything related to the language I teach, in this case, Spanish and English.