Croatian, English, Bosnian, Serbian, Serbo Croatian
Native Language
Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Students (17-22),
    Adults (23-40),
    Adults (40+)
Also speaks
English, Bosnian, Serbian, Serbo Croatian
Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate,
    Upper Intermediate,



Croatian lessons for children

I am a native Croatian speaker, very familiar with literature and grammar. Learning kids could not be harder then doing anything else for me.

Intensive Croatian

Croatian for beginners

Since I am a native Croatian speaker and actually being studying Croatian language I am very familiar with grammar and literature. Always felt easy to talk with kids and I found teaching kids fun.

Business Croatian

I am a native. Let s chat! Want to learn grammar, be free to ask.

Conversational Croatian

Croatian for traveling

I will teach u the basics and listening to me you will get new words and sentences fast.

Working with Croatian people

Need Croatian language for business? No problem, as a native I can teach you anything.

Having Croatian friends

I am a native Croatian.

Reading and writing Croatian

Native Croatian. Travel through Croatian. Is that enough? :D

Understanding Croatian movies

I am Croatian, I work in Croatia. I work with Croatians. I am sure I can teach you something

Croatian lifestyle and culture

I live there and I do have some friends XD

Marrying a native Croatian

I am a native.


English lessons for children

I have been learning English for 12 years. Started from when I was 10. I am sure I can learn kids some important things.

English for beginners

My level after 12 years of learning English is about C1. So I found myself suitable to teach someone who is a beginner.

Conversational English

I have very good conversational skills and very fluid English. I am free to chat with anyone.

Having English friends

I am very active online multiplayer gamer. So yes, I have some English friends. They like me.

Reading and writing English

Did that. Read and wrote a lot of stuff in English. I had to. It is what we did in school. In elementary till my collage.

Understanding English movies

I watched probably every movie that exists. That is what I do.

English lifestyle and culture

Yes. I am into that. Movies, American talk shows, people, series and so on...

Serbo Croatian

Serbo Croatian lessons for children

First of all. This language does not actually exists but fine. There is Croatian and Serbian, which ever you need I speak them both. I am native Croatian but I do know some Serbian. Actually the small changes Serbian has from Croatian.

Intensive Serbo Croatian

Yes I am native Croatian.

Serbo Croatian for beginners

Sure, I can teach beginners, I am native.

Business Serbo Croatian

I work in Croatia.

Conversational Serbo Croatian

Native speaker. I know how to talk, right? :D

Serbo Croatian for traveling

Traveled in Croatia and Serbia. :D

Working with Serbo Croatian people

Did that. I am native Croatian.

Having Serbo Croatian friends

Have tons of them. Can not keep track.

Reading and writing Serbo Croatian

Yes my entire life. I am native.

Understanding Serbo Croatian movies

Yes I do, not hard when they are in your own language.

Serbo Croatian lifestyle and culture

Yes I do. I live in Croatia.


Serbian lessons for children

Not sure I can teach u exactly full grammar 100 % because I am native Croatian, but 99% yes.

Serbian for beginners

Can I teach you Croatian, thats like almost the same, I am native Croatian. Oh yes, spend 2-3 months in Serbia so...that helped.

Conversational Serbian

Working with Serbian people

Sure. Lets talk.

Having Serbian friends

I have been in Serbia for some time, worked with them. So I have some XP.

Reading and writing Serbian

Have them. XD

Understanding Serbian movies

Can read. I know cirilic. Learned it at my collage in Croatia.

Serbian lifestyle and culture

Sure I do.

Marrying a native Serbian

I dont live in Serbia but since it is my neigbour I know some things.


Hello there! My name is Petar, I am 25 years old coming from Croatia. Native Croatian speaker, fluid in English. Coming from Karlovac, city close to capital of Croatia - Zagreb. Contact me for lessons in Croatian, Serbian or English language. Hope we chat! :D


    I am a native Croatian speaker, spended some time also in Serbia, so I am familiar with that already very similar language. Been studying English for 12 years.

Teaching Approach

Casual and open minded.