Name PetarSlavic
Country Croatia (Hrvatska)
Native Language Croatian
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Serbo Croatian
Can speak



English lessons for children

I have been learning English for 12 years. Started from when I was 10. I am sure I can learn kids some important things.

English for beginners

My level after 12 years of learning English is about C1. So I found myself suitable to teach someone who is a beginner.

Conversational English

I have very good conversational skills and very fluid English. I am free to chat with anyone.

Having English friends

I am very active online multiplayer gamer. So yes, I have some English friends. They like me.

Reading and writing English

Did that. Read and wrote a lot of stuff in English. I had to. It is what we did in school. In elementary till my collage.

Understanding English movies

I watched probably every movie that exists. That is what I do.

English lifestyle and culture

Yes. I am into that. Movies, American talk shows, people, series and so on...


Croatian lessons for children

I am a native Croatian speaker, very familiar with literature and grammar. Learning kids could not be harder then doing anything else for me.

Intensive Croatian

Croatian for beginners

Since I am a native Croatian speaker and actually being studying Croatian language I am very familiar with grammar and literature. Always felt easy to talk with kids and I found teaching kids fun.

Business Croatian

I am a native. Let s chat! Want to learn grammar, be free to ask.

Conversational Croatian

Croatian for traveling

I will teach u the basics and listening to me you will get new words and sentences fast.

Working with Croatian people

Need Croatian language for business? No problem, as a native I can teach you anything.

Having Croatian friends

I am a native Croatian.

Reading and writing Croatian

Native Croatian. Travel through Croatian. Is that enough? :D

Understanding Croatian movies

I am Croatian, I work in Croatia. I work with Croatians. I am sure I can teach you something

Croatian lifestyle and culture

I live there and I do have some friends XD

Marrying a native Croatian

I am a native.


Serbian lessons for children

Not sure I can teach u exactly full grammar 100 % because I am native Croatian, but 99% yes.

Serbian for beginners

Can I teach you Croatian, thats like almost the same, I am native Croatian. Oh yes, spend 2-3 months in Serbia so...that helped.

Conversational Serbian

Working with Serbian people

Sure. Lets talk.

Having Serbian friends

I have been in Serbia for some time, worked with them. So I have some XP.

Reading and writing Serbian

Have them. XD

Understanding Serbian movies

Can read. I know cirilic. Learned it at my collage in Croatia.

Serbian lifestyle and culture

Sure I do.

Marrying a native Serbian

I dont live in Serbia but since it is my neigbour I know some things.

Serbo Croatian

Serbo Croatian lessons for children

First of all. This language does not actually exists but fine. There is Croatian and Serbian, which ever you need I speak them both. I am native Croatian but I do know some Serbian. Actually the small changes Serbian has from Croatian.

Intensive Serbo Croatian

Yes I am native Croatian.

Serbo Croatian for beginners

Sure, I can teach beginners, I am native.

Business Serbo Croatian

I work in Croatia.

Conversational Serbo Croatian

Native speaker. I know how to talk, right? :D

Serbo Croatian for traveling

Traveled in Croatia and Serbia. :D

Working with Serbo Croatian people

Did that. I am native Croatian.

Having Serbo Croatian friends

Have tons of them. Can not keep track.

Reading and writing Serbo Croatian

Yes my entire life. I am native.

Understanding Serbo Croatian movies

Yes I do, not hard when they are in your own language.

Serbo Croatian lifestyle and culture

Yes I do. I live in Croatia.

About Tutor

Hello there! My name is Petar, I am 25 years old coming from Croatia. Native Croatian speaker, fluid in English. Coming from Karlovac, city close to capital of Croatia - Zagreb. Contact me for lessons in Croatian, Serbian or English language. Hope we chat! :D


I am a native Croatian speaker, spended some time also in Serbia, so I am familiar with that already very similar language. Been studying English for 12 years.

Teaching Approach

Casual and open minded.