$15 (45 min)
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English
Cebu Normal University - 2011-2015

International House - Warsaw - 2016

Name Jerose
Country Poland
Native Language Filipino
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



English lessons for children

During my practicum, I have taught children in public schools. Most children have a short time span in learning a language so it is important to provide interesting and engaging lesson and visual aids. Patience and enthusiasm are also very important to keep the students active. I also used to teach English to my younger siblings and younger cousins.

English for beginners

In my previous job, I had so many beginner students. It is important to be patient and show them that you are eager to teach them. I always give words of encouragement for the students not to feel pressure. Students in this level need support from teachers. Students appreciate if the teacher has a pleasing personality and a teacher who always smile.

Conversational English

In conversational English, the main goal is to keep the students talk while the teacher facilitates. It is important for them to practise their communication skills to help them to be more fluent. It will also make the students to be more confident to share ideas and experiences.

English for traveling

I will teach students the common phrases used in traveling. For example: Could you tell me the way to the train station, please?

Having English friends

Reading and writing English

During my CELTA course, I have met people from different countries. I do have English friends from UK and USA.

About Tutor

I am Jerose Ann, a Filipino currently living in Poland. I studied Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English and graduated as a Cum Laude in Cebu Normal University, Philippines.
A dedicated, compassionate and highly self-motivated person with a natural responsible and caring attitude. Teaching had always been my passion and it will be my pleasure to teach, impart knowledge and inspire students.
I have attended a teacher training course (CELTA- Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) in International House in Wroclaw, Poland which enhances my ability to teach English.
I love travelling to different countries. I've been to Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Palau, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and France. I love to experience new things and explore the wonders of the world.


I had 3 months experience teaching English to elementary students and 3 months teaching high school students. I was also a tutor to a first year high school student for a year.

I used to work as an online English instructor in a Japanese school for 1 year and 2 months. I’ve taught English to foreign students like Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese and Chinese through Skype as a medium of instruction. My students' age ranges from 5-60+ years old.

Teaching Approach

In my class, it is important that students talk more than the teacher. With this, students will be able to practice their speaking/communication skills as well as listening skills. To improve reading skills, students will be tasked to read articles which will also help to develop students' comprehension. Dictations will also be provided to check the spelling ability of the students.

* Discussion Strategies - Engaging students in discussion deepens their learning and motivation by propelling them to develop their own views and hear their own voices. A good environment for interaction is the first step in encouraging students to talk.
* Humor in the Classroom - Using humor in the classroom can enhance student learning by improving understanding and retention.
* Learner-Centered Teaching - Learner-Centered teaching means the student is at the center of learning. The student assumes the responsibility for learning while the instructor is responsible for facilitating the learning. Thus, the power in the classroom shifts to the student.