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Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Students (17-22),
    Adults (23-40),
    Adults (40+)
Arabic, English, German
Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate,
    Upper Intermediate,



English lessons for children

Intensive English

English for beginners

Business English

Conversational English

English for traveling

Working with English people

Having English friends

Reading and writing English

Understanding English movies

English lifestyle and culture

Marrying a native English


German lessons for children

Intensive German

German for beginners

Business German

Conversational German

German for traveling

Working with German people

Having German friends

Reading and writing German

Understanding German movies

German lifestyle and culture

Marrying a native German


Arabic lessons for children

Intensive Arabic

Arabic for beginners

Business Arabic

Conversational Arabic

Arabic for traveling

Working with Arabic people

Having Arabic friends

Reading and writing Arabic

Understanding Arabic movies

Arabic lifestyle and culture

Marrying a native Arabic


Hello there,

My name is Aladin from Damascus. I am interested in helping you learn Arabic quickly. I speak English and Arabic as a mother language and have experience with teaching Arabic to absolute beginners.

I am also familiar with most Arabic variations and dialects (including my main dialect, Syrian ), hence I am capable of explaining many colloquial terms easily due to my fluency in both Arabic and English.

Add to that my vast experience with children, as I am a card holding ''Jugendleiter'' (German for youth advisor), my experience is on both educational and council level.
I am on a professional level in MSA (Modern Standardized Arabic) which is the basic root to all Arabic dialects.

I am always glad to hear from people who are enthusiastic and wish to learn Arabic. If you're interested in working with me please feel free to contact me for further details and info, and see my reviews and profile.


    - Teaching Arabic privately (2012-now)
    - Teaching German privately (2016-now)
    - Teaching English privately (2013-now)
    - Card-holding German youth advisor/counselor (Jugendleiter)
    - Göttingen's senior mentor in the ''Balu und Du'' mentor program (Children mentoring program-1 year participation)
    - FKG German as Foreign Language class : teaching German for beginners till B2 level (European reference)

Teaching Approach

- Creating a plan suitable for each and every individual case
- Using multiple sources and combining them to create a convenient curriculum for the student
- Focusing on target achievement with emphasis on time efficiency (having a periodic checklist)
- Willing to teach all ages, lessons will consider the age of the student

Arabic: ( From Scratch)
- Conversation: Focusing on teaching both MSA and Colloquial Arabic, introducing a vast amount of vocabulary.
- Grammar : Since colloquial Arabic has no set rules, I have created a set of rules to provide the student with a systematic approach to the language.
- Accent: Expert on pronunciation techniques (especially for native English speakers) . Willing to lead you into accent free pronunciation.
Introducing Levant Accent, the most neutral and understandable of all

German: (From scratch)
-Conversation: introducing vocabulary through subjects of interest. Will improve your base of vocabulary and terms (for Example :train you on deducing different verbs from their basic roots by adding prefixes)
-Grammar: introducing German grammar and syntax through a level considering approach
-Accent: introducing pronunciation techniques for English native speakers.
Will teach ''Hochdeutsch'' (High standard German), spoken by many Germans, the standard language in big German cities and Metro-poles

Conversation, Business English ........