$30 (45 min)
English Literature
University of New Hampshire - 2005

Name Zeth
Country Russian Federation
Native Language English
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



English lessons for children

Playing games with the kids, singing songs, and doing pretend scenarios, like pirate ships, space ships, supermarkets, etc. Other activities whether playing with Legos, or dolls, cars. Anything activity that will keep the child interested in the new language.

Intensive English

Focus on certain idiosyncrasies of the English language that are difficult for foreigners to grasp.

English for beginners

Starts with the basics of the language, including the beginning specifics that confuse foreigners(articles, prepositions, and perfect tenses)

Conversational English

English discussions based on reading materials, movie and songs given to review for homework. Films include English subtitles, so that the student can write phrases, expressions, and slang unknown to the non-native English speaker.

English for traveling

English for asking directions, ordering food, taxis, etc. Purchasing items in stores. Handling emergency situations.

About Tutor

Coming from a very loving family, my mother had me reading at a college level before I was 6 years old. They taught me not only to love the pursuit of knowledge, but to love and understand the English language. As I come from Canada, I understand the idiosyncrasies of both British English, as well as American English. I've personally studied books on linguistics, and in depth books on English grammar, and understand the differences between the languages, and the problems that occur between these languages when trying to study another language group. I'm currently still studying Russian, as well as starting to study Armenian.


I have been teaching English in Moscow, Russia for 5 years, and have been tutoring students in the U.S. for much longer. In Russia, I have taught students ranging from 4 years old to adults, from beginner to advanced, both single, and in groups, from conversational English, to business English, and certain special fields. I've supported Russian courses in English, in public schools here in Science, Maths, Physics, and English practice. I also specialize in certain fields of English that are difficult for foreigners learning English, such as perfect tenses, articles, and prepositions.

Teaching Approach

My methodology varies depending on the desire of the student, or parents of the student. I offer from the vary basic conversational English(where I offer movies and reading materials, in which we discuss said materials), straight English lessons(grammar and vocabulary), or specialties, such as Business English, or certain specialty industries.