$15 (45 min)
BS Computer Engineering
Lorma Colleges - 2007

Name Amie
Country Philippines
Native Language Filipino
Preferred student age
Adults (23-40)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



Japanese for beginners

I borrowed a nihongo book from my sister and tried learning it. It's Minna no Nihongo, I stopped at lesson 15. Also, I'm a fun of Japanese drama, somehow I' m learning a bit.

About Tutor

I'm Amie, 31 years old. Currently working as a software tester. I love my job and everything about it. I love learning as well as trying new things. I want to see the world, and someday I will.

I look forward talking with you! :)


I am not an English Teacher but I believe I can still teach since in my profession I mostly talk to in- house clients fixing software bugs and other issues, and also, since this is done virtually, I believe same principle is applied. This will be my first time experience if ever I will be hired. :)

Teaching Approach

It will be on collaborative approach. Two way communication between the teacher and the student.

I teach and will give exercises for the students to answer.