English, Hindi, Arabic
Native Language
Preferred student age
    Students (17-22)
English, Hindi
Preferred student level



English lessons for children

I have exposed kids of ages 5 to 14 to speak in english in classrooms

Business English

Since i have worked in British High Commission and other organizations in the Corporate Sector , I am able to teach Business English to all Freshers.

Conversational English

I have worked with people who dont have English as there Native Language to be quickly comfortable in conversational English


Hindi lessons for children

My approach is to make people comfortable in spoken Hindi , familiarise them with alphabets and how to make simple to complex sentences .

Conversational Hindi

Focus on being comfortable in speaking in Hindi through focus on real life situations .


I am very proficient in all aspects of English and Hindi Teaching , however i am very proficient in spoken Punjabi and could teach the same to the students


    I have been teaching English , Hindi and Punjabi to a lot of people unfamiliar with the language and they have good command over the spoken aspects of the language . I have taught spoken Punjabi to people migrating to Canada , UK etc

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach is focussed on ensuring that the person is able to converse effectively in the language through examples and day to day situations.