French, English, Spanish
Native Language
Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Students (17-22),
    Adults (23-40),
    Adults (40+)
Also speaks
English, Spanish, German, Japanese
Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate,
    Upper Intermediate,



Intensive French

Want to improve your speaking skills? Clique et viens parlez avec moi!


Je suis un passionné, toujours à l'écoute des autres. Dans tous les situations je donne le 110% de moi-même. Au Japon mes étudiants m'appelaient GTM (Great Teacher Marc) en l'honneur de la série GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) un professeur hors pairs, toujours là pour ses étudiants.

Je mène une vie très active en repoussant de nouvelles limites en escalade et ce n'est pas l'occasion qui manque pour découvrir de nouveaux horizons. Justement, mon bagage culturel est l'un de mes atouts lorsqu'il s'agit d'enseigner, car parler une autre langue c'est vivre à travers une nouvelle culturelle et s'ouvrir à de nouvelles idées.


    I have a lot of experience in teaching to small groups of all ages from kids to elderly people, and also in various languages. I have been teaching English in Japan for a year in a private cram school. Also, I have been teaching Spanish and French for more more than a decade as a part-time teacher.

Teaching Approach

They are many great teaching methods out there. My favorite ones are the Communicative language teaching (CLT) that focus to enable the learner to communicate effectively and appropriately in the various situations she would be likely to find herself in. The content of CLT courses are functions such as inviting, suggesting, complaining or notions such as the expression of time, quantity, location. Another of my approach is the Natural Approach
This approach, propounded by Professor S. Krashen, stresses the similarities between learning the first and second languages. There is no correction of mistakes. Learning takes place by the students being exposed to language that is comprehensible or made comprehensible to them.