Hindi, English
Native Language
Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17)
Also speaks
English, Hindi, Japanese, Oriya
Preferred student level



English lessons for children

I am CBSE students.i know English lessons for children.how to make them understand properly.

English for beginners

For beginners I know what are the basic things in English.how they are eligible for read and write English.enlish is very easy learn.i will definitely help u who really wants to learn English.


Hindi lessons for children

I can teach any lesson for children.i try to make them understand properly.i teach them till they understand properly.i am certified in Hindi language.

Hindi for beginners

Reading and writing Hindi

I try to learn them properly so that they are able to understand and speak and write hindi.i assure that it's not a difficult language


My name is stuti. I did my btech. I can say that I am a responsible and hard working person.My goal is to teach students who really want to learn something new. I like to communicate with people.I try to give best to all of my students.


    I am a fresher.i have no experience..but I can do this job very sincerely ,i assure that I can teach them very efficiently.

Teaching Approach

My approach is student centered approach.In this approach both teacher and student plays an important role in learning process.The teacher primary role is to give coaching and facilitate student learning process and overall compression of materials. Student learning is measured through both formal and informal forms of assessment like project and live interaction.