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Bachelor in Education
Leyte Normal University - 2010

Name Aldrin
Country United Kingdom
Native Language English
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



English lessons for children

I taught group classes and individual classes to children in China, Korea, Japan and Middle Eastern Countries.

Intensive English

I taught a student for 5 years now. He started as a beginner and he now is in the upper lower advanced level. His main concern is to be communicative in English for business and travel so intensive English is the lesson we had to conduct.

English for beginners

Most of the companies I have worked with included lessons to beginners.

Business English

The lessons I conduct on this subject ranges from conversation practices to vocabulary words specific to business English.

Conversational English

In my lessons for Conversational English, I prioritize interactive conversation.

English for traveling

Besides talking to other people, most of my students learn English because they have to move to another country - be it for studying, working or immigrating abroad. With this premise, I have a total of 7 years teaching experience for this subject.

Reading and writing English

Every English test includes the skills of reading and writing. Therefor, my lessons for test preparations always includes reading and writing lessons.

About Tutor

Good day!
My name is Aldrin Colin and I am a teacher by profession. I was born in London in an interracial family of Spanish, British and Filipino origins. I love dogs and travelling. I have been to four different countries around the world. I love the tropics and beaches most.
Teaching English is like my personal Atlas for it lets meet people of different origins, cultures and personality. I like teaching not just because it is my choice of work but mostly because I like interaction with people.


I have 9 years experience working as a teacher, 2 years of which were done in person in a classroom setting. while 7 years out of the 9 years were done online. I have experienced teaching to individuals and groups online. My work with my previous companies gave me a lot experience in teaching - both to adults and children. The most prominent companies I have worked with have lessons dedicated specifically to certain types of students. For example, I worked with ALO7 where the tutorials were dedicated to group learning for children ages 5 to 14. On the other hand, my work with iTutorgroup formerly TutorABC catered to group lessons for adults and children. My latest work with Cambly were for individuals classes both children and adults but most of my lessons were for IELTS exam preparations since the lessons were based on student's choice.
As for my qualifications, I have a certificate in TEFL and TEYL. I also have 5 years experience in teaching IELTS with high passing rate. In fact, the most accomplished students that I have taught are those who experienced prior failures multiple times. I am good in finding out what the issues are and give solutions that will absolutely make my students achieve their required scores.

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach differs depends on the lesson I am conducting and the type of student I have.
For lessons in improving English speaking skills, the priority task is for the student to gain confidence to speak in English. I encourage my students to talk about anything they are comfortable to discuss. Corrections are usually done when the mistakes are made so they can learn and apply corrections in real time. Of course the process of correction could also only be applied at the end of the lesson instead. It still basically depends on whichever is more comfortable for students so they could remain encouraged to talk.
For lessons on test preparations, the first step is to discuss more about the personal knowledge the student has about the test. Next will be recognizing the bad habits and constant mistakes of the student so we could formulate solutions to these problems. After which would be the repetitive practice while applying the solutions and other necessary skills for the purpose of getting a better score. This method is also applicable to business English and interview preparations.
Lastly, for Kid's English, having fun is the key. Children are easy to lose attention so keeping them entertained is the key for their easy learning.