$30 (45 min)
B.Sc Botany,Teacher Training
Shri Shikshayatan,MACE - 2014

Name Madiha
Country India
Native Language Gujarati
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



English lessons for children

Taught Grades Nursery to 3

English for beginners

I taught my baby brother who was struggling with English since the past 3 years and now he is picking up well

Conversational English

I have tried this out with my brother for 3 years and with orphanage kids for 1 year. It works well.

Working with English people

I am working with a US based company for 2 months now.

Reading and writing English

I am writing a book in English-13 Inspirations @23 and I have a blog,The Cooking Criteria on Wordpress

Understanding English movies

I love English movies !! I watch 1-2 per month

About Tutor

I Am like the element Hydrogen (from the periodic table):
First (to lead in matters that benefit self and others)
Flexible (friendly and approachable)
Fuel (solution oriented).

I Love Karate,Cycling and Cricket,Learning and Reflection,Teaching and Talking (public speaking).

I Know I Err,I Fall but I Look for Inspiration above and around to get back,Repent,Rise and Reform myself to start anew each time.

I Believe in Making the Most of every Moment because My Life is a Message and Mission to Make a Positive Difference.

I Will always Aspire to be a Good Teacher,Public Speaker,Social Activist and above all a Believer in the One True God and Goodness.

I Want to Share my Story and Skills,Talents and Journey with the World,to Lead myself and others and to Help you do the same.


-Teaching Grades Nursery to 10 English and General Knowledge through a programme,URead ULead at an Orphanage for 1 year
-Taught Grades Pre-Nursery to 3 English and all other subjects including Hindi
-Home tutoring from Grades Nursery to 4 for all subjects for 3 years
-Global Employee at US based company Lifebushido (started Dec,2016)
-Member at OpenIDEO ,a global community contributing to global challenges and solutions

Teaching Approach

My Teaching Method is Creative,Original,Analytical and Spontaneous.
I believe any subject must be fun to learn and taught and assessed in a fun way.
For Online Teaching,Activities can be conducted offline by the students under the guidance of the teacher and submitted online for assessment through recording or other means.
English was my weakness till middle school but today it is my strength and my journey must help others to make it their strength too.