English, French German Italian Spanish
Native Language
Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Students (17-22)
Preferred student level
    Upper Intermediate,



English lessons for children

I have taught children from age 8 upwards, in both public and private schools, and in private tuition. I enjoy encouraging young learners to use their imagination and improve their critical thinking skills.

Intensive English

I've taught on courses that lasted from 2-4 weeks in order to give students' skills - especially speaking - a fast boost

English for beginners

I've taught beginner children and adults and like to make use of Total Physical Response, and phonological activities so that students get off on the right foot and don't develop fossilised errors

Business English

I've taught in-company and freelance Business English to learners of Pre-Intermediate to Proficient levels, and think that I will probably return to making this a main focus of mine.

Conversational English

I have taught conversation classes of up to 24 students and enjoy acting as a facilitator for fluency-building mingles, discussions and roleplays.

Reading and writing English

I have worked very extensively in English for Academic Purposes, and know a number of strategies to help improve students' abilities with written text.


Hi there! I'm Ben and I've been teaching English as a Foreign Language for 11 years now, in a number of different countries and settings.

I specialise in one-to-ones and in English for Academic Purposes, but I also prepare students for just about every exam you can think of, including Cambridge Preliminary, First Certificate, Advanced, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL and GMAT.

I design every course to fit the individual student, so if you book lessons with me you will be getting the lessons you need and want!

I think that vocabulary is extremely important and will show you how to organise your self-study and keep excellent notebooks.

I have an expert knowledge of grammar and can explain difficult concepts in a way that you will understand.


    I've specialised in one-to-one tuition and so understand well how to tailor my courses to meet the unique needs of my individual students, but I've also taught in: -

    - A public university in China
    - Private language schools in Bohemia (CZ), Bratislava (SK) and Puglia (IT)
    - A publicly-funded adult literacy program in California
    - An elementary school in Korea

Teaching Approach

Besides bespoke tuition, I also favour a lexical approach to teaching language, and have seen that in most cases, students learn a lot more from breaking language into manageable 'chunks' than they do from studying grammar rules.

I also like to use flipped-learning and guided discovery as tools to engage the students, so that their independent study is maximised and then the language can be activated and upgraded during their lessons with me.