$30 (45 min)
Business startup (Level4)
Pacific Business Trust - 2014

Audio Engineering (B/A)
Mainz Music school - 2015-2017

Name Otto
Country New Zealand
Native Language Samoan
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



Samoan lessons for children

Basic words and pronunciation of words. Numbers and counting. Spelling and writing.

Samoan for beginners

Understanding the nouns and pro nouns in samoan words. Spelling and emphasis on certain words. Samoan language revolves around A E I O U (The I is pronounced as an E) So you would say Ahh Ehh E Oh Ooh.

Conversational Samoan

Daily conversation in samoan, from the informal how are you?how's it going? Whats new etc Samoans love to joke and add friendly comments in their day to day conversing with others so I would also teach how normal conversations would play out. Samoan people love it when foreigners speak, joke and converse in Samoan. We are a friendly people so our everyday conversations can differ from person to person. Naturally when conversing with older samoans the language can be more formal and respectful in terms of age , sex, gender etc

Working with Samoan people

I have worked with Samoan people over the years. As a New Zealand born Samoan it helped me appreciate more the work my parents did in instilling a passion for the samoan language because some of my samoan colleagues couldn't speak the language, but those who did only helped to improve my conversational skills in Samoan.

Having Samoan friends

I have a lot of samoan friends and when we are together we speak in a mixture of Samoan and English. It helps when you're trying to remember a certain word and there is always someone that will know and correct it, thus improving one another samoan skills.

Reading and writing Samoan

Reading in Writing in Samoan was a big part of life growing up. In most Samoan households, each child is prepared for Suega (Tests/Exams) it is held through the local Samoan church and each kid goes through a rigorous testing of spelling and writing in Samoan with prizes for 1st, 2nd,and 3rd placings. For 3 years at the age of five I held 1st place. I still have the certificates from that time.

Understanding Samoan movies

Most Samoan movies now have subtitles which in the past there weren't any. It is a great way for those who do not speak the language to understand and follow the movie.

Samoan lifestyle and culture

The Samoan lifestyle can be very relaxed and informal but can also be very formal. Depending on where you are in Samoa or who you interact with whether they are from a family where there is a high chief (Matai) in the family. But in every Samoan household the basics are the same for example when walking in front of a sitting person we say T?lou (Excuse me). This applies from passing by a sitting person or passing an item across the table or to another person in between others.

About Tutor

I am a father of 3 boys and at home we speak a mixture of Samoan and English.I hold a degree in Audio Engineering am also a proficient musician and I play 5 instruments with guitar as the main instrument. In my spare time I like to read all sorts of literature from fiction to non fiction, historical to sci fi and everything in between.
I have also done a fair bit of travelling and have picked up some basics in different languages. I have joined Native Monks because I would like to teach the language of my ancestors and my mother tongue to those who would like to know and understand the Samoan language. I look forward to meeting you and helping you in your journey to achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

Manuia le aso
(Have a good/nice day)



I have taught my sons to speak the language and that in itself was a challenge, because I was born here in New Zealand, most samoans in my age group would have spoken the language at home growing up, but then quickly forgotten it along the way as they grew up. I am what you would call a first generation Kiwi. (New Zealands native bird, and how NZ'ers are referred to) My parents came from Samoa in the 1970's so as you can imagine, growing up we only spoke samoan at home and English when we went to school. This caused a lot of my generation to then grow up and assimilate into the NZ culture and quickly lose the ability to speak Samoan. They might understand it and speak a fraction of what they did as kids, but can longer hold conversational Samoan with the older generation.
I (and many others I know) have been blessed that, as we got older, the more fluent I became. I can easily switch between Samoan and English. I am confident in my speaking, writing and teaching ability that I can pass this knowledge on through effective communication, fun learning environment and friendly go-at-your-own-pace learning.

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach will be as friendly and informative as my instrument and music teaching classes I hold regularly. I teach in a manner that is patient and informative, there is a reason for a student to learn something which I will explain during the process of learning.