$24 (45 min)
English and Translation
College of Languages and Translation, KSU - 2019

Name Saad
Country Lebanon
Native Language Arabic
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



English lessons for children

I have very long and varied experience with children, as I have dealt with countless children from my family and acquaintances'. Also, I'm very patient and aware of how they think and how to approach them.

Intensive English

I’m a translator and interpreter. :)

English for beginners

I'm bilingual, and becoming trilingual, so I know what it feels and sounds like to be a beginner. Don't hesitate or be shy.

Business English

In addition to my freelance work, I work in a Real-Estate Investment and Development, so I encounter day-to-day business dealings.

Conversational English

I'm interested in a countless number of subjects :) and open to new ones on top of those.

English for traveling

Traveling language use is a functional use, and it can be learnt easily through expressions that come in handy for people whose aim is to get things done simply.

Working with English people

Similar to traveling language, I regard workplace language is a functional language used for task accomplishment. However, it can be more complicated than that if we're talking about jargon.

Having English friends

Friends are fun, and the better language skills you have, the more fun you have, unless you wanna say "makhamalala" as mimicking of Arabic.

Reading and writing English

I'm a translator (English<->Arabic). You do the math.

Understanding English movies

We can enhance enhance understanding by working together on common "cinematic" expressions and situations, in addition to the skills that can by utilized to get what's going on.

English lifestyle and culture

I am interested in informed of different cultures and lifestyles because: I live in a country that is not my mother nation, I've been to 6 Arab countries, and I've dealt with people from different countries. Also, I have/had family members who live(d) in 13 different countries.

Marrying a native English

Marriage is a topic I'm particularly interested in. That's due to its religious, cultural, psychological, and other aspects, along with the procedure of spouse choice and love meaning.


Arabic lessons for children

Intensive Arabic

Arabic for beginners

Business Arabic

Conversational Arabic

Arabic for traveling

Working with Arabic people

Having Arabic friends

Reading and writing Arabic

Understanding Arabic movies

Arabic lifestyle and culture

Marrying a native Arabic

About Tutor

I'm a senior English and Translation student who has been an honors student throughout all college years and was on the Dean's List for academic excellence twice.

Aside from translation, I'm also interested in graphic design, psychology, child-rearing, education, languages, theology, and fine arts. Nonetheless, I am open to all subjects and interests, and I like to get to know people to discover thow different the world is.


I'm mostly experienced in private one-to-one tutoring, so I encourage students seeking to improve their skills in communication, conversation, fluency, pronunciation, accent, or other related areas to contact me. I have experience in the field due to my interest in the field, my study, and being bilingual and soon trilingual.

Teaching Approach

I prefer the immersion method, i.e., having the student completely involved in the language in terms of self-expression, thinking, and other aspects. Lessons can either be based on plans built on each student's flaws and deficiencies or just be casual conversations where the student will learn passively while I follow the progress.
If a student likes detailed tutoring, e.g., improving accent through the explanation of how voices and intonation work, we can do that too.