Native Language
Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Students (17-22),
    Adults (23-40),
    Adults (40+)
Also speaks
Hindi, English
Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate,
    Upper Intermediate,



Hindi lessons for children

What do you like to do most? I have taught children between 9 - 18 years for 20 years

Intensive Hindi

Hindi for beginners

In Indian poetry which poet do you like? What kind of literature or scholar would you like to read in Hindi?

Business Hindi

Have a fair experience of teaching adult beginners. What would you like focus on as you begin your journey with the language? Once the language grammar is understood it is easy to read and understand.

Conversational Hindi

Hindi is the official language of India. Which kind of business requirement are you targeting? The vocabulary used for business is a mix of Hindi and English.

Hindi for traveling

Please tell me the kind of conversation you have in mind when you learn Hindi, and we shall begin our conversation! Formal, informal, meditation camps, academic...and shall take it up from there.....

Working with Hindi people

India is a land of many destinations. Where do you travel to? or do you visit your family in India. Let us begin the journey speaking Hindi and get the appropriate greetings, questions, asking for directions and information along with some basic reading skills together for a memorable, hassle free trip.

Having Hindi friends

I am a Hindi person and I will like to help you work with Hindi people. In which field and where do you anticipate the need and that will be my cue....to begin your journey into getting a grasp of the language....

Reading and writing Hindi

Great, so what are your shared interests and topics? Greetings and culture, likes and dislikes can be picked up as you hangout and I shall provide the tools for you to understand the language...

Understanding Hindi movies

Have been a journalist, broadcaster, editor, translator and narrator myself in Hindi and continue to be a writer. Let us begin, we speak what we write in Hindi.....

Hindi lifestyle and culture

Okay, which movies to you like and what do you like about them? Is there a specific genre that you enjoy watching?

Marrying a native Hindi

A topic very vast and diverse. I come from this culture and am happy to say have been a fore-runner of Hindi lifestyle and culture. Its language, literature, ceremonies, festivals, discipline, food, social structure are embedded in my cultural being. Have been associated with it in the form of a writer, narrator, tutor, program organiser, poet and much more. Let me know which aspect you want to begin with and I will be happy to guide you through the discovery of this rich heritage..


I am native Hindi speaker with a passion for the language since early years. Have worked with it in all its forms, as a tutor, writer, journalist, poet, translator, reader, broadcaster and speaker.

I am a grandmother now and I love my children and grandchildren who are now in senior classes and University.

I like to travel and have travelled all over the country of India as a child and as a wife and mother, and now as a mother/grandmother travel both within and out of India.

I am very regular with Yoga and meditation and believe in the value of a disciplined life. Laughter and good humour are often associated with me as are the capacity to tell related anecdotes, stories and jokes. I am considered a valued member of the community with a patient ear and helpful attitude.

I pride myself on having friends the age of my children and my own age as well. I like to have fun and am told am a practical independent person.


    Tutoring: 1996 – until now :

    School and university students from grade 3 upward for more than 20 years in the subjects of Hindi and Sanskrit on an individual or small group basis in New Delhi, Dehradun, Pune and Indore.

    Online tutoring since 2013, on Skype to students from USA, UK, Singapore and other countries with India included as well. Comfortable working out time zone adjustments.

    Intensive experience with teaching Hindi:
    - for academic purpose,
    - as spoken language,
    - in its simple form to make travel and trips to India more meaningful.
    - as a language of conversation to children and adults visiting family/country.
    - for assignment support and guidance
    - for preparation for qualifying exams
    - for linguistic pursuits

    Widespread experience of working with the language brings in the required expertise for skilfully fulfilling student needs.

    Student profile consists of school/college students, travellers, linguists, children and adults from families of Indian origin settled abroad. Many continue to stay in contact even long after regular classes are over because of the interest they developed in the language with the teaching style and handling of the subject.

    Translation: 2002 – 2009:

    Intensive work with National Institute of Open Schooling, New Delhi (NIOS) -
    A major Government of India initiative to spread education and literacy.

    Some of the work as recalled is mentioned below for reference:
    - Complete Courses of multiple subjects
    - Lessons of different subjects including Disaster Management.
    - All lessons of the subject Business Studies for Secondary Level Course
    - Course Material Development for the subject Business Studies of Secondary level.
    – All Modules for the Vocational course of Electrical Technicians.
    - All lessons of the Course Material for the Vocational course on ‘Preservation of
    Fruits and Vegetables’.
    - Editing and Translating of the full course on ‘Housekeeping’ for Senior Secondary

    Editing: National Institute of Open Schooling, New Delhi - Of translated courses and material done by other translators of NOS.

    Journalism: 1986 - 2009

    * Regular columnist. article and feature writer in leading Hindi newspapers and
    magazine sections.
    * Published poems and stories in leading Hindi language magazines.

    Broadcasting: All India Radio(AIR) (the national radio) - 1988 - 2000
    * Recording of self-written stories on a weekly basis.
    * Regular participation in Debates and discussion programs on social issues.
    * Organised Debates on social issues, Poetry and storytelling sessions both for
    children and seniors.
    * Storytelling in programs broadcast by A.I.R for children.
    * Conducted ‘Antakshri’ * programs for children and debates/discussion forums.
    * a song based very popular game played in India across ages and cultures.

    Additional Professional Activities:
    * Association in editing with well-known book publishers Rupa &Co.
    * Recorded books, both in story and course form for the National Blind School, New
    * Regularly conducted a number of literary and cultural programs for various
    associations, clubs and schools both as member and as an outsider in Hindi,
    including 5-day Indian classical dance events and ‘kavi-sammelans’ (gathering and
    presentation of and by poets) of repute to name a few.
    * An active member of the Hindi Sahitya Samiti, (Hindi Literature Association), in its
    organization of Hindi week programs on poetry, drama and features.

    Languages known: Hindi and English. Some Urdu.

    Community Service:
    * Reading to Blind children pursuing secondary and graduation studies.
    * Reading Political science and History answer papers to a visually impaired teacher
    of a Senior Secondary Government school to help her mark exam papers.
    * Teaching Hindi to students at an NGO along with elementary English and Maths.
    * A regular visitor and story teller to a children home for physically handicapped.

Teaching Approach

Widespread travel both within and out of India has added to my appreciation of the diversity of people, cultures and languages. This in combination with more than 20 years of teaching experience makes me understand the learner needs fast and I adapt my lesson to those needs.

The teaching is student oriented and the objective of taking the class is kept in focus unless the learner needs an additional skill to better achieve his learning requirements.

I remain sincere to the task and expect sincerity, regularity and work from the students.

I am fluent in English but prefer using Hindi during classes except where English becomes necessary for completing a communication.

Widespread experience of working with the language brings in the required expertise for skilfully fulfilling student needs of all types that a language learner may bring with them.