$24 (45 min)
Advanced Bengali Course (Minor) and a B.A in History
University of Calcutta - 2012

M.A in History
Presidency University - 2014

Masters in Research, Modern Indian Studies
Universität Göttingen, Germany - 2020

Name Anusua
Country Germany
Native Language Bengali
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



Bengali lessons for children

I have taught children my native language at the school level in a classroom setting

Bengali for beginners

Conversational Bengali

I am a Natiev Bengali and have completed an Advanced Course in Bengali from a college, affiliated to the University of Calcutta. I have the experience of translating academic content from English to Bengali. So, I can handle the beginners course,

Bengali for traveling

I am a Native Bengali and I converse with my family in Bengali only.

Working with Bengali people

I am a Native Bengali from Calcutta, India and an Indian Expat of Germany. In my city in India, I have the habit of travelling to various places and knowing everything in Bengali.

Having Bengali friends

Previously in 2018, I had worked with people living in Calcutta, India. I am a native Bengali and I converse either in Bengali or in English to my office colleagues in India.

Reading and writing Bengali

I have only Bengali friends and we have been very good friends since our school days.

Understanding Bengali movies

Being a native Bengali, I have the habit of reading and writing Bengali content. I have completed an Advanced Bengali Course in Reading and Writing Bengali. I have the knowledge of translating content from English to Bengali.

Bengali lifestyle and culture

I am a Native Bengali and I am very fond of watching Bengali movies. serials and songs. Feluda series are my favorite.

Marrying a native Bengali

I am born to Bengali parents, domiciled in Calcutta, India. I am fully accustomed to the culture and lifestyle of Bengali people in India.

About Tutor

Hello, I am Anusua and I am a Bengali from India. Currently, I am doing my Masters in Research from the Center of Modern Indian Studies, Georg-August Universität Göttingen in Germany. Previously in 2012, I had completed the 'Advanced Bengali Course' from a college, which is affiliated to the University of Calcutta. I am an zealous learner and a passionate teacher of language, litearture and history.


I hold the experience of translating academic content from English to Bengali for the Grin Verlag, Munich, Germany. I have also taught Bengali to many students of higher levels in India. I am looking forward to teaching people my native language in a very simple way. I can teach Bengali from (A1 to C1) levels.

Teaching Approach

As far as my teaching approach is concerned, I have always taught my students through story-telling or delving deep into oral discussion related to politics, history and language. I have always asked my students to maintain a diary and add a few points in it. It is very convinient for teh students as they can ponder upon these points during the revision time. In the past, I had applied the concept of interactive learning in a classroom setting and that proved to be a successful thing.