English, Swahili, English
Native Language
Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Students (17-22),
    Adults (23-40),
    Adults (40+)
English, Swahili
Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate,
    Upper Intermediate,



Swahili lessons for children

I have a 7-year experience of learning and using swahili as a primary school kid so I still remember the techniques my teachers used to help me master this awesome language and I intend to use them to any kid student I will get

Swahili for beginners

I have more than 20 year experience learning,using and teaching swahili. I remember I started as a beginner but now I can say I can help a beginner become a master of swahili language

Business Swahili

I have worked with few firms here in Tanzania where Swahili language is used as a business language and for that case I'm familiar enough with business terms,vocabularies and sayings that I can help teach to others and help them use swahili in business without any problem

Conversational Swahili

Swahili for traveling

Working with Swahili people

Swahili lifestyle and culture

I have Travelled to different regions of east Africa and for that I'm familiar enough with challenges facing foreign travelers who visit Tanzania especially in trying to communicate with the natives and for that case I'm willing to take burden from you my friend(rafiki yangu)


Though I'm in the field of finance, economics and Investments at the moment, my swahili teaching passion is still there and the love you've shown towards swahili language has inspired me to share with others my native language(Swahili)


    I have been learning and using Swahili for More than 20 years now and for that case I'm experienced enough to share my package of Swahili lessons, culture and traditions with you guys!

Teaching Approach

I will well prepared notes, games and songs (which I have found to be useful and productive tools in learning swahili) to share the ABCs in swahili language with you guys.