$20 (45 min)
Bachelor Degree, Journalism. Concentration: Spanish Literature Major academic course highlights: Latin American Literature and Marketing
Santa Rosa Catholic University - 2016

Finance Diploma
Universidad José Antonio Páez - 2015

Name Victor
Country Venezuela
Native Language Spanish
Preferred student age
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



Business Spanish

Conversational Spanish

Mucho vocabulario adaptado al tipo de empresa en la que el estudiante va a trabajar. ¿Podrías explicarme el proyecto que quieres presentar?

Spanish for traveling

Conversaciones libres sobre cualquier tema. ¿Cuál es tu música favorita?, ¿Que opinas de tomar unas vacaciones exóticas?

Working with Spanish people

Aquí conversamos acerca de temas relacionados al turismo, frases básicas y necesarias en cualquier país que hable Español. Ejemplo: ¡El menú por favor! (At restaurant), Por favor podría decirme ¿donde está el centro? (Asking for directions)

Having Spanish friends

Aquí recreamos conversaciones cotidianas entre compañeros de trabajo relacionadas al área profesional del estudiante.

Reading and writing Spanish

Understanding Spanish movies

Conversaciones y temas comunes para disfrutar la compañía de amigos que hablan español.

Spanish lifestyle and culture

Practicas de lectura, dependiendo del nivel del estudiante. Desde lecturas básicas a libros ligeros. Corregir análisis y errores ortográficos del estudiante.

Marrying a native Spanish

Analizando y discutiendo películas en Español. La motivación del director, la profundidad del guión y las actuaciones de los protagonistas de la película.

About Tutor

My name is Victor and I am 29 years old. I'm a native Spanish speaker from Venezuela. My main goal and motivation is to help people learn this beautiful language while achieving my career goals: my lifelong dream is to become a Chef! That's why they won't regret taking lessons with me, I am highly motivated and want to help others so I can make my dream come true!


I am a journalist, I have had experience in radio, television and press. I have also worked in foundations and political parties. I have more than three years of experience teaching Spanish to people from all over the world.

Teaching Approach

Our classes will be tailored specifically for you. My method is simple and effective, mainly I focus mainly on free conversation so we can expand your vocabulary, but we can also practice the grammar that you already know to eliminate doubts. I am always available and I give 100% in each lesson.

I have tools to create fun classes, as well as educational activities that will increase your knowledge of Spanish. For example:

1- Reading and writing classes.
2- We will use images to expand your vocabulary.
3- Interesting classes
4- Free themes to be able to have fun talking about your favorite and primordial topics.
5- Videos to work between classes.

All my students have shown a great increase in their skills with Spanish, both spoken and written. See you soon and I hope to start studying with you as soon as possible.