Native Language
Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Adults (23-40)
Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate,



Spanish lessons for children

My neigborn have 3 kids and they are foreing, i was teaching them with songs and games

Spanish for beginners

i used to teach some sentences and expression, also the way how t pronounce the words

Conversational Spanish


I loved share my knowledge with the people. I am biochemist basically I love read and study, i Like the medicine stuff but also i enjoyed watch movies specially the ones that are thriller and comic, superheroes too. I love spend time with my fluffy dogs, I am dog lover, but i enjoyed the safaris and zoos. I loved hear music either in English or Spanish . I have been learning English so i know how hard can be learning another language. I learned I should keep trying and we learn from the mistakes!!!


    I have been teaching Spanish to some friends that are foreing since 4 years ago is how i am practicing my English too, that is the principal reason why i certificated as Spanish teacher, i feel joy to see how they can express themselves in Spanish.

Teaching Approach

I have been giving teaching lesson online but not an specific school, sometimes the students did not appear, i also gave some tutor class just to pass the exam or test. Each of the students are different so basically I try to adapt to their needs and objectives. I give you at least 5 words and you need practice your Spanish during the week. I try to make fun my classes and conversacional too.