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Italian lessons for children

The course is aimed at children (aged 5 to 15) who want to learn Italian. The course is taught by teachers specialized in teaching Italian to children. For the little ones there is a special class with toys, videos for children.

Intensive Italian

Italian for beginners

EXPRESS COURSES PARLA ITALIANO "ITALIANO EXPRESS" Are you traveling to Italy and want to enjoy your stay? With Italian Express you will learn in 20 hours the essential phrases to get along on your trip. Shopping, visiting museums, buying ice cream in the street, going to the restaurant ...

Business Italian

A simple introduction, step by step and in a fun and compact way, to the basic elements of the language. This Italian course is based on level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Conversational Italian

s course is designed for students and professionals who already have a basic knowledge of the Italian language, but who wish to specialize in commercial language to better meet real-life situations in the office and at work. During class time we will examine many aspects of the Italian business, both in written and oral formats. A large amount of time will be given to the specific vocabulary and allows students to communicate well in any type of work environment.

Italian for traveling

The Conversation Practice is an opportunity to speak Italian on a regular basis, review the most crucial aspects of the language and be in contact with an Italian teacher. The Conversation Practice is always stimulating, and everyone can follow and participate. Questions, interesting facts, jokes and other discussion materials are welcome.

Working with Italian people

1112/5000 Italian course to travel: Learn Italian fast and in an effective way. Decide your learning pace. Read and listen to real situations in Italian. Enjoy the enjoyable methods to learn to speak Italian. In a few days you will have learned in Italian what is necessary. You will learn how to greet and say goodbye in Italian. Yes, no, please, thank you. What's your name and where are you from? How do I get to the station? Excuse me, where is the nearest post office? In the course to travel you will learn in Italian how to get to the most important sites. We would like a double room. And also a cradle. And if possible, with breakfast the next day. On the subject Accommodation and Room you can understand yourself in Italian at the hotel without problems. The menu, please! For us to order food in Italian in a restaurant we have created the theme Comer. 1, 2, 3, 10, 100, ... The numbers must also be learned in Italian. My stomach hurts! I have a headache! You can understand yourself with the doctor and at the pharmacy. ... and much more.

Having Italian friends

Italian business, both in written and oral formats. A large amount of time will be given to the specific vocabulary and allows students to communicate well in any type of work environment.

Reading and writing Italian

Understanding Italian movies

What are the steps to follow to learn a language? How are basic concepts acquired, simple phrases learned or pronunciation reproduced correctly? All you need is to have a correct approach and follow some advice

Italian lifestyle and culture

783/5000 Seeing film is a great way to put into practice the concepts learned in the classroom while having fun! In Italy all foreign films are dubbed, so if you are a movie lover, you can choose any film. In Italian films, however, the way of talking and the idioms used are more adherent to everyday life. They are designed just for the Italian public: they speak quickly, with regional accents and pronunciations and using many colloquial and - sometimes - dialectical meanings and expressions. Choosing which movie to watch based on your level of language proficiency can be difficult. Do not be frightened by the difficulty, you can start with a film you already know or that uses simple language. In no time you can train with increasingly complex films.


I am a native Italian teacher, graduated in "Lingue e Letterature Straniere" at the University of Pisa and I teach Italian for all levels and ages. I have been teaching Italian for over 10 years in Barcelona and around several Language Academies. I organize personalized classes, tailored to the demands of students, and dynamic classes with songs and recipes of Italian culture.My vocation begins with my great interest in other cultures, which has led me to learn other languages and travel around the world. I love my profession, I want to develop my knowledge and ambition to keep growing. I have a great vocation for teaching, particularly with children.


    The general objective is to make the student express himself in a simple, coherent and clear way in real contexts. The specific objectives are: to elaborate simple questions with their answers; participate in conversations on topics typical of daily life; talk about anecdotes and personal experiences; understand messages heard on radio and television; read and understand simple texts in the present; write small compositions about personal experiences and about some text of interest. Each course is adjusted to the needs of each student, at their level and requirements. I offer individual courses, in groups, for companies, preparation of official exams.

Teaching Approach

I organize personalized classes, tailored to the demands of students, dynamic classes with songs, recipes of Italian culture and business class.
My classes are entertaining and focused on the objectives of the students.I use an easy and fun method, alternating conversation,grammar, audios,videos. I provide didactic material: books, exercises and audios.Do you want to learn Italian in an easy and fun way?The face to face online allows you to enjoy the course as in a classroom of a lifetime. You will have numerous resources such as videos, audios, exercises and control tests, debates, presentations ... For example you can record Italian classes online and review them when it suits you best.
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