English, French, Spanish
Native Language
Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Students (17-22),
    Adults (23-40),
    Adults (40+)
English, French
Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate,



English lessons for children

What's your favorite toy. Where is loubna. What is your name.

English for beginners

Can you spell your name. Where are you now. Are you hungry.

Conversational English

I love your dress. Where did you buy it. I feel sad today and I need a friend.

Having English friends

I feel like going to the movies. Can I spend the night at your house. Come visit me in Morocco.


French lessons for children

Tu aimes le dessin? Montre moi tes jouets. Un. Deux. Trois. Quatre. Cinq.Six....

French for beginners

Bonjour. Salut. Bonne appétit. Bonne nuit. Comment tu t'appelles.

Business French

Je vais vous rendre le bilan avant la date souhaitée. La marchandise livrée est de mauvaise qualité. La stratégie marketing de cette année sera axée autour des objectifs de notoriété.

Conversational French

Tu peux m'aider à faire mes devoirs? Quel est ton héros? Je pense que vous êtes jolie madame. Peut-t-on prendre un café?

French for traveling

Working with French people

Emmenez moi au restaurant le plus proche s'il vous plait. Quel est le prix de ce chapeau ?

Having French friends

L'esprit d'équipe est important dans ce projet. Je suis votre nouveau collaborateur.

Reading and writing French

J'ai envie de voir un film anglais. Tu as du chocolat dans tes dents, Loubna.

Marrying a native French

I helped writing french homework like writings.


Arabic lessons for children

I have taught children between 2 to 12.

Arabic for beginners

Ahlan wa sahlan. Say with me. A-H-L-A-N . W-A-S-A-H-L-A-N. Good. ???? ? ????.

Conversational Arabic

Arabic for traveling

Where is the closest restaurant?

Understanding Arabic movies

I helped my foreign friends understand movies and tv shows.

Arabic lifestyle and culture

What is the most known food in Morocco.

Marrying a native Arabic

How can you speak to your husband/ wife like a native.


My name is Loubna. I'm from Morocco. I'm 23 years old.
I'm a marketer and a public speaker. I won 3 competitons so far.
I love diversity and the multitude of cultures that exists in this world. This is what drives me to teach.


    What started as a hobby turned into a carreer.I tutor in arabic, french and english for 4 years now.
    My clients range from kids to adults.
    I taught at home, school and on skype.

Teaching Approach

-Knowing my student's needs
I start by knowing your needs and trying to tailor my method to them. Because not every person has the same needs.
-Teaching step by step
I go from the basics. We can learn from scratch.
-Creative ways
We will use paper, examples from life and even songs and pictures.
If you don't understand, I can repeat again and again. Don't be shy because I'll know when you do.