$20 (45 min)
Translation Spanish/English
Universidad Católica de Valparaíso - 2018

Spanish Filology
Universidad de Salamanca - 2019

Name Hernán
Native Language Spanish
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



Spanish lessons for children

I have made classes for children. I can adapt myself to their necessities making the learning process fun.

Intensive Spanish

My translation education and my current language studies have made me an expert in the Spanish language.

Spanish for beginners

For people that it's getting into the language. From Hola ¿cómo estás? (Hi, how are you?) to Me gusta tu camiseta (I like your shirt).

Business Spanish

Professional and serious, my experience as a translator helped me get into the business side of the Spanish language.

Conversational Spanish

Spanish through conversation. One of my main focus is to hablar (talk)! First getting to know the language, maybe making some mistakes, it doesn't matter. We will be working in the specifics.

Spanish for traveling

I have worked in the airport where I usually helped travelers get by with basic Spanish "in Spanish we say: '¿Dónde está el metro?' where is the subway?"

Working with Spanish people

Spanish for professional environments. How to write your co-worker an email and sound professional and reliable.

Having Spanish friends

People of Spanish speaking countries are one of the friendlies people in the planet, sometimes, though, it takes more than an "Hola"

Reading and writing Spanish

As an avid reader and writer I have experience with the written aspect of the language. Also I can help the student with Spanish texts

Understanding Spanish movies

That Spanish movie with Antonio Banderas? I can help you understand We can go from "Guardians of The Galaxy" to "Los guardianes de la galaxia"

Spanish lifestyle and culture

Maybe you are interested in Mexico or you love Spanish Flamenco. I have travelled and I have met Spanish speakers of all flavors. I can give some of that knowledge to you.

Marrying a native Spanish

The Spanish language can be really romantic and I can help you master it.

About Tutor

I'm a Chilean translator specialized in English and Spanish currently living and studying in Spain. I love traveling and learning new languages and culture.

I'm majoring in Spanish cultural, literary and linguistic studies in Salamanca university in Spain.


I have experience as a tutor and a translator. I have tutored English high schoolers with all the aspects of the language: oral, written and conversational skills, everything as a support for their classes.

I have also worked as a Spanish translation making multiple works for a Spanish magazine translating interviews.

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach is hybrid. I completely adapt to the necessities of the student. I tend to focus in exercises that promote interaction with students so they can be more comfortable with the language. Also, I can prepare fun activities to learn new words and expressions.