$20 (45 min)
Music Production
Middlesex University - 2013

York University - 2011

Name Manja
Country Serbia
Native Language English
Preferred student age
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Serbo Croatian
Can speak



Conversational English

Working with English people

Aside from growing up, living, and going to school in Canada, I also have worked in retail and customer service, as well as waitressing. So, I can help students gain a better understanding of what kind of language to use in order to give good service or be friendly, appropriate, kind, etc.

Having English friends

I am Canadian and, having grown up there, all of my friends are Canadian as well! I can help my students gain first hand experience of what that is like!

Reading and writing English

From kindergarten to university, everything I have ever written - every essay, resume, diary entry, job application, short story, review - has been in English! I have helped individuals with intermediate and upper intermediate English skills read and write properly and with ease! Reading is essential in helping individuals get a firm grasp on spelling, as well as growing their vocabulary.

Understanding English movies

Watching movies in English is a great way to learn! And since most of the movies made today are in English, we have an almost unlimited source of learning material available! Students and I have watched the same films or series and discussed the events in much the same manner as English literature analysis, all the while having fun!

English lifestyle and culture

Almost everyone around the globe is immersed in American and British lifestyle and culture, so we have a great many topics to talk about! I find that the more laid back and carefree the topic of conversation the more engaged my students become! What better things to talk about while practicing English than music, the arts, technology, and current affairs?!

Marrying a native English

My ex-common law partner was Australian, and so I even know some Aussie slang!

About Tutor

Hi there! My name is Manja and I grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have been travelling around the globe for the past seven years and am currently exploring Europe. In my travels for the past several years, I've visited parts of Northern Africa, Australia, and many countries in Europe. South America is next on my list of places to visit and I am super excited to make that happen! I received a Bachelor's Degree in Music Production and worked in that field for a year, before discovering another passion of mine which is jewelry design. I am a very creative person and have always been drawn to self expression. My hobbies include singing, piano, yoga, pilates, tennis, painting and drawing. I especially love taking care of animals and helping strays in any way that I can!


I am a Native Speaker of English and have attended school in Canada from the age of 5, right up until university. On my travels I've given individual lessons to lots of high schoolers, and have helped them to get a better understanding of the English language. I attend Polyglot Club events where I help people get a better handle on where they are in terms of their speaking abilities, and engage them in fun and carefree conversations!

Teaching Approach

My focus is primarily on conversational English and getting students to actually speak and have dialogues with me! As opposed to strictly concentrating on grammar which, as necessary as it is, cannot be the sole basis of learning to speak a language, getting students to relax and have fun while learning a language is what I love to do! I aim to help students with their accents and with actually being able to express themselves!