$24 (45 min)
Name Jamal
Native Language Kurdish
Preferred student age
Adults (23-40)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



Kurdish for beginners

Conversational Kurdish

-Getting acquainted with the Kurdish language alphabet -How to read and write with Kurdish -Reading introductory texts -Earning the ability to understand daily conversations and vocabulary

Kurdish for traveling

Working with Kurdish people

-Learn to speak Kurdish Full and comprehensive -talking and listening Learn responses and discuss techniques -Learn how to discuss and discuss everyday issues -Earning the ability to chat fluently

Having Kurdish friends

-Getting acquainted with the tourist attractions of the Kurdish regions -Getting acquainted with the culture and customs of different regions -Learn travel traits and phrases for doing business while traveling -Learn all the necessary vocabularies and sentences to attend trips, camps  -Language skills to stay in different places

Reading and writing Kurdish

Learn about workplace rules, how to deal with the customer, ethical issues, how to respond to clients, how to resolve the problem in specific situations, how to interact with others and individuals

Understanding Kurdish movies

-Getting acquainted and meeting a friend -Friendship in Kurdistan -Rules of meeting and dialogue -The moral line of friendship How to invite friends -Participate in friendly celebrations

Kurdish lifestyle and culture

-Kurdish grammar -Rules of Writing and Literary Orders -Getting acquainted with -Kurdish language texts at beginner to advanced levels -Familiarizing with various writing spheres such as poetry, prose, novel ...

Marrying a native Kurdish

-Familiarizing with common vocabulary in theater and theater -Getting acquainted with proverbs and slang -Mastering spoken and speaking skills of various types of films -A full understanding of the dialects of different parts of Kurdistan, especially those with Kurdish Sorani

About Tutor

Hi, I am a teacher of language with a Kurdish mother tongue. I have a master's degree from Tabriz University. I have a lot of interest in Kurdish and Persian languages and their's literature, and so far, I have had many courses for teaching these languages in Iran. I hope that with the courses I will hold on this site, I will be able to help improve your language so that you can Listen, speak, read and write like professionals.


I have been teaching Persian and Kurdish languages since 2010. I have a good teaching experience for people who want to travel to the Middle East or work professionally there. These experiences include various training, including business language, daily conversation, cultural and religious issues, and many more topics. I hope these experiences could be a good chance for Hobbyists to learn Kurdish and Persian exactly and completely from a native tutor.

Teaching Approach

Our courses include different levels for different aged groups. regardless of what level your language skills is, we offer a course that is compatible with your need Completely. at first we take a Level Survey Quiz for determination of your's level. you will be able see what is your language's actual level. then you can choose a proper course. if you want learn these languages for first time you don;n need take any quiz. in this case, you should start from Introductory levels. at the end you will be able speak and use languages like professionals. don't hesitate to take our's lessons.your new language's capabilities appear soon.