$27 (45 min)
TEFL Certification
I-to-I - 2013

Name Jason
Country Russian Federation
Native Language English
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



Intensive English

For the student who needs to work on specific areas of English, I offer focused lessons.

Business English

I have a organized curriculum that I use to teach business English.

Conversational English

I like to keep chat lessons interesting by using material that is relevant to my students.

English for traveling

I have helped students prepare for their vacations in countries such as Italy, Thailand, and other popular tourist destinations.

Working with English people

Using English in the workplace is a growing need for many of my students. I little more professionality is needed in the office.

Reading and writing English

I have reading and writing lessons that are designed for busy people who have jobs to work and not much extra time.

Understanding English movies

Many of my students tell me that as they improve their listening skills, it becomes easier to understand movies and television in English.

English lifestyle and culture

I can help people adapt their new life in the United States.

About Tutor

I am a native English speaker from Las Vegas and I use a unique combination of 11 different teaching methods that helps people to improve their English skill. I understand how frustrating it is for a second language learner to acquire the skills of English. Many students have spent years in school and are still not able to form a complete sentence that can be understood by a native English speaker. My students are able to overcome this problem with my special tutoring.


I have been teaching online for a little over 4 years now and I have many satisfied students that have worked with me to improve their English language skill.

Teaching Approach

I am certified as a TEFL English instructor. This means that I am "officially" recognized as a formally trained English instructor. Additionally, I have been trained in the use of a method which is derived from a combination of 11 different ways of teaching English, plus a few other key improvements that I've learned about.

Unlike many other online teachers who only chat, I actually teach the language with an organized curriculum of planned lessons and materials. I help to take English students from where they are to where they wish to be in as short a time as possible. I also like to make English learning FUN, not boring like English classes in school.

In this method I take the student back to the very basic foundations of English, beginning with the basic sounds of English. I have found that the single most limiting factor for English language learners is the inability to speak, to enunciate, in a way that is understandable. Listening and understanding English is a problem for you because your ears are not tuned to the correct sounds ("phonics") of English. This why you must learn English from a native speaker.

I then focus on "street English". The second most limiting factor for English language learners is that they learn from formal school books which leaves the student with a large vocabulary of words that do not help them to communicate in casual conversation at work, or just in life. I teach you to use the common, everyday English of Americans...idioms, figures of speech, slang, phrasal verbs, and other language that is not found in school books.

To become truly fluent in English, you have to have a lot of repetitive listening and speaking practice with clearly spoken English without an accent. I look forward to being your English tutor.