$20 (45 min)
Honours in Labour Relations
North West University - 2017

Bcom Industrial Psychology and Labour Relations
North West University - 2016

Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling
South African Theology Seminary - 2018

Name Marli
Country South Africa
Native Language Afrikaans
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



Afrikaans lessons for children

Starting early is important. Children that speak more than one language will succeed in different environments with different people.

Afrikaans for beginners

I believe if you can speak English it is not that hard to learn Afrikaans. You just need to take it slow and listen to the words.

Conversational Afrikaans

Working with Afrikaans people

Conversational Afrikaans is fluent language and it is not hard to understand.

Having Afrikaans friends

When you understand Afrikaans, you will understand the working environment of people speaking in Afrikaans better.

Reading and writing Afrikaans

Most of my family and friends are Afrikaans. This helps me to communicate easily in Afrikaans and it also helps me to stay up to date with the language and the culture.

Understanding Afrikaans movies

Afrikaans is quite easy to understand. I got excellent marks in school for Afrikaans reading and writing.

Afrikaans lifestyle and culture

Growing up as an Afrikaans speaker I am able to understand and formulate ideas in Afrikaans. I understan why people say the things they do and why they act in some ways.

About Tutor

I am a warm person that loves people. With my educational background I know how important development is and that is why I want to teach. My passion is helping people and I thrive on challenges. I am a hard worker and I make sure to always prepare before I take on new challenges.


I taught a lot of informal classes at my local church congregation. I am comfortable in public speaking and I am constantly in situations where I teach people new things.

Teaching Approach

I will always make sure that the student understand what I am saying. I will explain everything thoroughly and I will make find ways to make the class and the information memorable.