English, Greek, Latin, French
Native Language
Preferred student age
    Adults (23-40),
    Adults (40+)
English, Greek, Latin
Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate,
    Upper Intermediate,



Greek for beginners

10 years experience.

Business Greek

7 years experience in Shipping, Legal and Medical terminology.

Conversational Greek

More than 12 year-experience. It's not that I am a native speaker- as a Classicist and educator, I have the know-how in the appropriate use of phrases and tone. Your Greek won't sound as if it comes from a tourist guide.

Greek for traveling

Dealing with the Greek bureaucracy phrases is my ... strongest asset here.

Working with Greek people

Customs, Greek politeness and etiquette. For all echelons of employment.

Having Greek friends

The most exciting part of teaching Modern Greek, yet tricky if you haven't received the appropriate guidance. Taught this for 10+ yrs.

Reading and writing Greek

15 year experience in all levels, from beginners to academic writing.

Understanding Greek movies

9 yrs experience. I choose the films according to the student level and age (and, of course, their interests). I refrain from confusing the students with idioms unless they are in the advanced level.

Greek lifestyle and culture

As a native Greek, well, I am really well-versed in this. However, I also prepare material from academic sources for a holistic and informative approach to the understanding of the Modern Greek culture- its links to the Antiquity, Byzantium and Christianity are also discussed.

Marrying a native Greek

Approaching your potential other half is difficult in any language - even your native tongue, really. However, I have some tricks for fast and efficient learning of Greek in this case , e.g. common metaphors for emotions in Greek and English .


Hello there, this is Tina :) I am a Classicist by training. Born and raised Greek, yet British-educated in postgraduate studies (Classics and Comparative Literature). I currently work as a freelance Instructor of Modern Greek (for both native and non-native students), Classical Greek Language and Literature and Latin. At present, I live in Athens, yet I commute to London quite often for educational purposes.


    I have been teaching Classics and Modern Greek for over 15 years now. For the sake of brevity, I shall mention here that I have taught Classics to undergraduate students at University College London. In addition, I have successfully tutored students for their GCSE and A-Level classes in Modern Greek and Classical Civilization respectively. As a tutor of Modern Greek at the Greek Schools in London, I had the pleasure of introducing the program of Modern Greek for adult students: we studied Modern Greek from scratch, we then progressed into the teaching of more advanced forms of the language - - - some students even sat for GCSE exams! Ever since, I have been teaching adults (Modern Greek, Biblical Greek and Greek Civilization) with enthusiasm and respect for life-long learning.

Teaching Approach

With regard to teaching adults, my approach basically consists of teaching this often rigid language (especially in terms of grammar and syntax) though drawing parallels with the English language . One will be amazed at the affinities between these two languages. I refrain from heavy workload and I see the adult students more as collaborators in my teaching , as their own field of study and experiences keep on enriching the learning resources. I believe in reciprocal learning and this approach has produced extraordinary results!