English, Spanish
Native Language
Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Students (17-22),
    Adults (23-40),
    Adults (40+)
Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate,



Japanese lessons for children

I have taught basic Japanese to a 10 years old boy with autism. I am good at teaching to children.

Japanese for beginners

I have taught alphabets and basic greetings for English speakers. E.g. 'Hi, my name is Mizuki. Nice to meet you.'

Japanese for traveling

I myself have travelled a lot in Japan and met a lot of travellers. I taught them how to ask things in places. E.g. 'How can I get to the Golden Temple?', 'I would like a sake onigiri please.'

Reading and writing Japanese

Japanese lifestyle and culture

I have taught some English speakers how to write and read alphabets and sentences in Japanese. They have asked me about messages they received from their Japanese friend and I taught them how the sentences worked and how they could be translated.


Hi, my name is Mizuki. I've recently graduated from university of London and am currently living and doing Master's degree also in London. I work as a teaching assistant in SEN (Special educational needs) school and a support worker for people with learning disabilities especially Autism. I like going to the gym, doing exercises, walking around the city, playing the piano and photography. I also like various genres of music too! I have travelled a lot especially in Japan on my own so you can ask me anything about the country! The fact that there are people who want and try to learn my native language is a great thing for me. I would like to help you learn Japanese as much as I can! Thank you for reading.


    I have taught Japanese to several people (beginners to intermediates) in a weekly held language exchange event in London. I am a very patient person (partly my personality and the rest is gained through my job!) so I am very good at waiting until the student complete the sentence or finish telling me what they want to say. I teach people with autism/learning disabilities how to do basic things, read, speak or express themselves. Therefore, I am good at teaching by thinking about what is the best way for the student to learn depending on the individuals.

Teaching Approach

For those who would like to learn/ improve their speaking and listening skill in Japanese, I would give them a lot of time to think and speak, ideally not providing much help. I would patiently wait until they are happy about their speech. (waiting is no problem for me at all!) We can talk about things we did on the day, hobbies, favourite places, food ... anything you would like. I speak very clear Japanese so do not worry.
For those who would like to focus on grammar, I would ask them about things that are difficult for them to understand and make a priority list. I would make a lot of realistic sentences (not like the boring sentences typical grammar books have!) and we can practice until you understand.
In general, I would not like to teach in a rush so that the student can take time to understand!