$24 (45 min)
UCLA - 1985

EFL Teachers Credential
David Yellin Teacher's College - 2006

Jewish Studies
Nishmat - Women's Higher Torah Institute - 1991

Name Rachael
Country Israel
Native Language English
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



Hebrew for beginners

About Tutor

I have been an English teacher in the classroom since 2006 and on line since 2009. I have taught over 5000 on-line lessons! I am very experienced in English language instruction as well as teaching Hebrew. I have lots of interests, music, science, anthropology, history, current events, and Biblical Hebrew. I love teaching and helping to make a difference in the life of my students. Learning a new language opens up a new world for study and work.


e-joyenglish - 2015-present On-Line English school, in China teaching all English skills, reading, writing, listening, speaking, Reading Novels such as Charlotte's Web, Harry Potter, Magic Tree House Series, Writing Lesson Plans, One on one Tutoring on Skype. QQ and Zoom. Recruitment of new qualified English teachers from Israel

italki - 2014 - Present Teacher of English, and Hebrew, Business English, Children’s Literature, Speaking, Writing. Hebrew conversation, grammar. TOEFL, IELTS preparation,   One on One Tutoring on Skype

Live-English  – Live-Hebrew- 2009 - present Online English school, Teacher and English blogger posts from August 2012-May 2014   English teacher for all types of English test preparation, spoken English, grammar, writing and composition, Bagrut preparation all levels. Hebrew grammar, reading and conversation.

Beit Chana High School  2009-2011 – Bagrut preparation, 11th grade (2009-2010) 9th and 10th grades (2010-2011)

The High School next to the Hebrew University, “Leyada”  2008-2009  English teacher 7th, 8th and 10th grades Level Aleph.  

Ohr Torah Stone Junior High School  2007-2008 English Teacher 7th Hakabazat Bet, 8th English Speaker, 9th Hakabazat Bet, 10th Hakabazat Aleph.

Private English lessons – from 2006 I teach privately Learning Disabled children, reading, speaking and spelling.  

Leyada Hebrew University Junior High School   2006-2007 Student Teaching 8th grade advanced class.

Rachael Orbach Music, Jerusalem 9/98-present
Music teacher - I teach clarinet, guitar, saxophone, recorder and flute. All levels. I prepare each lesson individually for each student’s level and experience.  

Teaching Approach

Each student is different, so my teaching approach differs with each student. If a student is a beginner then we learn the alphabet and go on at the student's own pace. If you need to pass a Job Interview, then you need to work on fluency. Teaching English literature requires another approach, that of analyzing the text and characters. I have helped many students improve their levels in English, I hope to be able to help you to improve your goals in English and Hebrew!