French, English
Native Language
Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Students (17-22)
Also speaks
English, French, Spanish
Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate



French lessons for children

Get the basis in French: colors, alphabet, counting, learn traditional songs and lullaby.

French for beginners

In plus of being fluent in English & French, i am also learning Italian, Spanish, and German. So I am pretty sensible with the issues

Conversational French

Subjects and training at having a conversation with french natives.

French for traveling

Being a tourism and hospitality professional this subject is one of my favorite. From ordering a bottle of wine to find the nearest hotel.

Working with French people

Foreign language can be challenging when your job is at stake! Let me help you getting more comfortable.

Having French friends

Only if you are brave enough. Knowing cultural differences, what to talk about.

Understanding French movies

Requires patience and lots of curiosity as your understanding will progress with your perception of the french culture

French lifestyle and culture

In plus of being a native french speaker, i am curious about my own patrimony and I like to share it: food&drinks, history, politic, music, just name it.


I have been following classic courses until University when I decided to become a pastry chef! Life is full of surprises and I decided to move to London a couple years later. Once there I had a blast and embraced a career in hospitality. The last eight years I have been working in the coffee shop, hostels, bars, pubs, 4-5 stars hotels and restaurants.
I am originally french, though, I have been living in England, Canada and now Thailand during the last 7 years.
I like management, social sciences, politic press. I like to read, one of my favourite authors is the late Terry Pratchett. I fancy cooking and baking occasionally. Foreign languages and cultures are the bread and butter of my life.


    I have always been in language club and foreign exchange. I use to help, translate give tours to numerous nationalities. I have been working in English those las six years with several nationalities and I am now pretty at filing the cultural gap people can experience.
    While in England I was assisting French people learning English and while in Canada I reversed and helped foreigners to learn and practise French via English

Teaching Approach

I am myself a student, living in a foreign country ( Thailand for now) I understand the joys and frustration of learning and practising a language. I am taking courses online on several platforms and I am also a trainer in my own field of expertise (hospitality). Therefore, I understand the need learning something concrete which can be used on the day after day basis. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to provide tools for accessing to the bigger picture (that is why you cannot learn a language with Lonely Planet). Humour and patience I provide and work and perseverance are qualities I am expecting.