English, Spanish
Native Language
Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Students (17-22),
    Adults (23-40)
Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate,
    Upper Intermediate



English lessons for children

Intensive English

English for beginners

Business English

Reading and writing English


Hindi lessons for children

Intensive Hindi

Hindi for beginners

Business Hindi

Conversational Hindi

Hindi for traveling

Working with Hindi people

Having Hindi friends

Reading and writing Hindi

Understanding Hindi movies

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Gujarati lessons for children

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Gujarati for beginners

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Reading and writing Gujarati

Understanding Gujarati movies

Gujarati lessons for children

Intensive Gujarati

Gujarati for beginners

Business Gujarati

Conversational Gujarati

Gujarati for traveling

Working with Gujarati people

Having Gujarati friends

Reading and writing Gujarati

Understanding Gujarati movies

Gujarati lifestyle and culture

Marrying a native Gujarati


Currently working as a Head of the Department in Information Technology, Aditya Silver oak Institute of Technology since October 2016.

I have filed a patent on “BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY BASED SMART ATTENDANCE SYSTEM”. The patent was filed on 29/05/2017 with Dr. Hemal . V. Shah, Dean, ICT, Ganpat University,(Patent File No.201721018815).


    M Tech CSE with 12 years of experience as a Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering Department, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

    Worked as a Head of the Department in Computer Engineering and Information Technology Department, S P B Patel Engineering College, Saffrony Institute Of Technology, Linch, Mehsana from May 2014 to October 2016

Teaching Approach

Over a span of my 13 years as a teacher at various levels (Diploma, UG, and PG) in engineering education, my total attention has been shifted from my monotonous way of classroom teaching to student centric teaching-learning. I always admire and inspired by the fact that the ultimate goal of education/teaching should be imparting self-realization capabilities into students. Since beginning of my career as an academician, I am a firm believer of Ancient Education System i.e. Gurukul Parampara described in various Vedic literature and scriptures.

Traditionally, Gurukul Parampara was best innovations in teaching learning in past time and great practice of teaching learning where residential school experience was used to kept so called Shishya totally engaged with GURU for 24 x 7. During this stage of study, students were able to learn from their GURU not only what was taught but also through various observations that how their GURU retorted to different situation arising in day to day life and learning happens of day to day life. This was only reason of all round development of individual at that time.

Coming to my teaching philosophy, I always believe that my interaction and knowledge delivery to students should not be bounded by limited by credit system or interse weightage as proposed by University. I accept that the only holistic approach of guiding my students towards the ultimate goal of self-realization is 24 x 7 teaching learning process like Gurukul Parampara, where no university/organization interfere with the curriculum of studies or regulating contact hours of Instruction. I clearly understood and firmly believe that in modern age of 21st century it won’t be possible to spend 24x7 physical contact hours to educate students as per the university syllabus, where there is always a huge gap between Theory what we teach to them in four walls and what industries expects from both (teacher and students).

Additionally, this generation is totally digital native generation who spend their majority of time connected with digital world using high speed internet. So, according to me, there is an ample opportunity as an educator with me to realize same Guru-Shishya Parampara (Gurukul) in some extent. As an implementation point of view, I always would love to get connected with my students over and above my regular classes through different online learning management system provided by various platforms. This attitude gives me the chance to provide different levels of exercise to different level of students, to understand and asses them periodically and thus my motive of being an educator – providing Outcome Based Education is being achieved.