English, Sinhalese, English
Native Language
Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Adults (23-40),
    Adults (40+)
English, Sinhalese
Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate,
    Upper Intermediate



Sinhalese lessons for children

I'm a kids friendly teacher so I can teach them with attractive tricks

Intensive Sinhalese

Sinhala is a hard language. but it's easy with me.

Sinhalese for beginners

Sinhala is my native language and I know the starting levels of sinhala

Conversational Sinhalese

I'm working as a journalist for many years. I have learned and used lots of communication methods. I can apply them with my Sinhala syllabus.

Sinhalese for traveling

in Sri Lanka there are lots of places to visit. but most of the Sri Lankans in village areas don't know English. so it's very nice to learn sinhala before you go. I know everything about traveling. so I can teach every and each word for traveling within 3 months.

Working with Sinhalese people

it's easy to work with Sinhalese. but you must know some sentences for communicate with them. I know the value of your language proficiency. so I have well designed syllabus for it.


I am a native Sinhala speaker and I have diploma in sinhala and I'm following my bachelor's degree with Sinhala subject. so I'm very very close to language and methods of Sinhala. I can communicate with both Sinhala and English languages. I will start my lessons with friendly way and well managed syllabus so everyone can understand everything easily. I will cover all these writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. it's depends on your requests. after my lessons you can speak read and write within few months. writing is not easy for foreigners. so it may takes a few months more. but I can teach you speaking and reading within three months for non native speakers.
At the same time I would like to teach Sinhala for primary and nursery students with friendly activities. with these tricks they will learn everything very easily and quickly.

I'm a kids friendly and kind person so I can understand kids mentality. I will improve their minds for study well in school.


    3 years of teaching and 2 years of online teaching

Teaching Approach

I will teach it with well planned syllabus and I would like to improve their knowledge to expert level