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UMinho - 2012


Name Flor
Country Portugal
Native Language Portuguese
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



Portuguese lessons for children

learning the numbers, colours, animals, how to present yourself, etc

Intensive Portuguese

Portuguese for beginners

Business Portuguese

Conversational Portuguese

Verb Tenses,

Portuguese for traveling

Vocabulary related with traveling, useful sentences

Working with Portuguese people

Having Portuguese friends

Reading and writing Portuguese

Understanding Portuguese movies

Portuguese lifestyle and culture

Marrying a native Portuguese

About Tutor

I'm a biologist from Portugal and I've been living abroad (in different places) for almost 3 years. I love traveling, writing, photography learning / improving languages and I'd love share those, teaching.

I'm native in Portuguese, from Portugal, but aware of the differences such in vocabulary between other portuguese-speaking countries (Brazil, Cabo Verde, Angola..etc).
During my time abroad I've been surely improving my English skills, now, I just moved to Ireland.
I lived some months in Spain, and even longer with Spanish-speakers, so I can speak Spanish pretty well. I also speak French (but I'm not so fluent and good in writing).
I have understanding of Italian and a very basic Croatian as well (I lived in Croatia 1 year).

I'd like to teach Portuguese / Spanish or English.


I've started improving my English skills being a student in WSE (Wall Street Institut - School of English) - there I learnt also a bit about teaching tools. Since then, I've been living abroad, communicating and exchanging with people from very different backgrounds, natives from other languages...
I worked as Aupair for a short-time and I started tutoring a bit of English.
The other experience I have is just as volunteers, language exchanges, helping friends, etc. Portuguese, Spanish, and a bit of French.

You'll have a first class for free... where you can comprove if I'm skilled enough for your learning needs :)

Teaching Approach

Classes can start from the very basic things for begginers or in higher level for learner with some knowledge already!
Survival: Differences in alphabet and sounds, Basic vocabulary, (specific vocabulary depending on interest), useful sentences, basic grammar, verb to be and to have.
Higher levels: Groups of vocabulary, depending on interest (i.e. animals, house things, foods, travelling, etc..), Simple Verb Tenses (Present, Past, Future) or further others, etc
Just Conversation (and correction) classes.

I'm native Portuguese (from Portugal) but aware of differences such in vocabulary between other Portuguese speaking countries (Brazil, Cabo Verde, Angola etc..)

¡Las clases pueden comenzar con las cosas muy básicas para los principiantes o en nivel más alto si tienes un cierto conocimiento ya!
'Survival' : Diferencias en el alfabeto y sonidos, Vocabulario básico, (vocabulario específico dependiendo del interés), frases útiles, gramática básica, verbo ser y tener.
Niveles superiores: Grupos de vocabulario, dependiendo del interés ( animales, cosas de la casa, comidas, viajes, etc.), Tiempos Verbales Simples (Presente, Pasado, Futuro) u otros, etc.
Sólo clases de conversación (y corrección).

Soy nativa portuguésa (de Portugal), pero consciente de las diferencias en el vocabulario entre otros países de idioma oficial portugues (Brasil, Cabo Verde, Angola, etc.) Read Less