$22 (45 min)
Bachelor of Engineering
VTU - 2011

Name Yashaswini
Country India
Native Language Kannada
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



Kannada lessons for children

I have taught children between 3-15 years. For this age range basic foundation should be taught in a right way.

Intensive Kannada

Love and passion towards language makes me to handle intensive language class, where I would love to share my good grip of knowledge.

Kannada for beginners

It is very much essential that the teaching methods should not stress out the beginners. Rather than that it should make them feel comfortable to learn new language. Keeping this in mind the syllabus will be framed for individual requirements.

Business Kannada

Good and smart conversation is root for every business communication. Teaching will be based on this ideology.

Conversational Kannada

Kannada for traveling

This is same as the Kannada for beginners. So same methodology will be adapted here.

Working with Kannada people

Having Kannada friends

This is more or less like Business kannada requirement and teaching is taken care similar to that. Based on the requirements the teaching materials will be prepared.

Reading and writing Kannada

This is similar to Business kannada and the methodology will be same as that.

About Tutor

Myself Yashaswini from Bangalore, graduated from VTU as Engineer and has Industry exposure of 7 years. Currently I'm into full-time teaching profession. Teaching is my passion, especially teaching Kannada language is kind of art for me. I handle Kannada language classes for school syllabus and also for Non-Kannada speakers.

Hope the below content helps you in understanding my teaching skills. If you feel interested please contact me. Lets's get connected.


From 2014 I have been teaching Kannada language and also other subjects like Social studies, Science and English for government school children. Summer camp classes for Painting, Crafts, Sports, Storytelling, Drama Dance and many more were conducted, wherein the student-teacher relationship gets strong and teaching will become easy.

As a freelance tutor, I will be teaching Kannada language for school children and non-Kannada speakers. Based on requirement other subjects like Social science, Environmental Studies (Till 10th Std) Science, Mathematics and English (till 7th Std) will be handled.

Teaching Approach

My aim is to deliver the conventional Kannada language by retaining its originality and essence. Here the Concern is simple, in recent days Kannada language is made mandatory in Bangalore and many non Kannada speakers feel it difficult to teach their children. I want to help them, to adapt to the language easily and effortlessly.

I have students from 4 years to 35 years for Kannada language. Which actually gives me hope that I can educate students of different abilities, irrespective of their age and requirement. Teaching methodology will be altered based on requirement and Individual’s ability, so that the students won’t feel any stress while learning.

Good knowledge on other Indian language helps me in teaching forum. This multi-linguistic ability will help in building a good relationship with students. I believe that strong communication skills help a lot in understanding and make the things simple and easy.