$15 (45 min)
Vietnamese Studies
Huflit - 2014

Name Vi
Country Vietnam
Native Language Vietnamese
Preferred student age
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



Intensive English

I have tutored students to take IELTS test. Their average score is 6.5

Business English

Conversational English

I have worked for Globetrottr - a company provided services for expats using English in office work as well as communication with costumers.

English for traveling

This is where you should focus on intonation the most. As well as... you know... body language.

Working with English people

This is where you should focus on basic English the most. As well as... you know... body language.

Having English friends

I have worked for Globetrottr - a company provided services for expats using English in office work as well as communication with costumers. My office also has many foreign interns.

Reading and writing English

Having friends from Japan, German, USA, Australia, Mexico, Korea, Thailand, Italy, Norway etc. Not all of them is English but we become friends thanks to English.

Understanding English movies

I write my dairy in English. Yup!

English lifestyle and culture

Black Swan, The Great Debaters, The Blind Side, Captain Sully, The Ugly Truth,etc. My favorite are thriller and documentary. And why not sitcom? HIMYM, Cougar Town,etc


Japanese for beginners

I'm not Japanese so I know your pain Japanese beginners

Conversational Japanese

Homestay with 3 Japanese families helps me a lot.

Working with Japanese people

Part-time jobs and volunteering in Japan.

Having Japanese friends

Keep in touch with my Japanese families ever since.

Japanese lifestyle and culture


Intensive Vietnamese

Being a native who never use teen code.

Business Vietnamese

Have been working since I was in highschool.

Conversational Vietnamese

Well we do have North Vietnamese and South Vietnamese. And also Middle.

Having Vietnamese friends

Reading and writing Vietnamese

Being a sociable person living in Vietnam.

Understanding Vietnamese movies

16 years of studying in Vietnamese schools.

Vietnamese lifestyle and culture

Actually Vietnamese movies are not made to be understand. They have their own logic.

About Tutor

I love learning new languages, as well as sharing them. Learning English and Japanese as a native Vietnamese speaker has given me new, unthinkable aspects on countries's cultures, language, people,etc. These completely different languages each have their own difficulties that I had to try my best to overcome. Which is really satisfying as I really love challenge.

The best things that I get from sharing languages is that I can share my hobbies and passion with friends from all over the world. Like the fact that I really love dogs! And Kendo! And baking! And....


I have been teaching English for 7 years and Japanese, Vietnamese for 1 year. My students range from primary school students to office workers. Most of the time I work as a home tutor.

Teaching Approach

1/ Student-Centered Approach
I believe teachers and students play an equally active role in the learning process. That means my students can chose to learn from one of my recommend textbooks and materials which they feel interested in.

2/ Flexibility
As the teacher’s primary role is to coach student learning and overall comprehension of material, the lesson will changed continuously according to the student's development.

3/ Practical
The best way of learning an language is to use it. Therefore, I try to explain to my students new words and new sayings repeatedly and encourage them to use it as much as they can.