$20 (45 min)
Arizona State University - 2018

Teach English Now! Foundational Priciples
Arizona State University - 2018

Theories of Second Language Acquisition
Arizona State University - 2018

Teach English Now! Lesson Design
Arizona State University - 2018

NLP Life Coaching (Coaching Skills Mastery)
Steven Burns and Brain Costello - 2018

Bachelor Of Laws (LLB)
North Maharshtra University - 2014

Associate Company Secretary
Institute of Company Secretaries of India - 2014

Bachelor of Business Mnagement
North Maharshtra University - 2011

Name Urvi
Country India
Native Language English
Preferred student age
Secondary school (12-17)
Students (17-22)
Adults (23-40)
Adults (40+)
Preferred level of students
Pre Intermediate
Upper Intermediate
Can also teach
Can speak



English lessons for children

I help students learn through stories like Aesop fables and fairy tales to learn and generate more interest towards the language.

Intensive English

This approach of Intensive learning is for a set of students who want to focus on a particular area of language (like grammar, speaking, listening, writing, etc). I help my students to achieve their desired goals by analyzing their needs.

English for beginners

I help my students learn a beginner's level of language by teaching them tenses, modals, prepositions, etc. Under this level of learning I help my students to understand how to apply these grammatical concepts in a practical scenarios.

Business English

I have helped various professionals achieve a career advancement and appraisals through focusing on improvement of skills like email writing, business presentation, public speaking, preapring for meetings with board and with customers. The professionals i have helped so far have been from many different professions. Right from Wine Export Manager in Sicily to a civil engineer in Thailand to a Product packaging specialist in Zurich. The thing about Business English is that it requires a focused attention and a continuous analysis of the needs that a profession demands.Feel free to approach with any difficulty regarding your business English.

Conversational English

English for traveling

Conversations are the best way to practice any language same goes with English. I have helped several students on various different levels of language through such informal lessons.

Working with English people

Many of my students started learning the language with a specific goal of travelling in mind. I am happy to say that this model worked very well for my students because they managed very well during their trips to English speaking nations.

Having English friends

Feeling overwhelmed by presence of your native English speaking colleagues? I can help you overcome this issue by using various techniques and exercises like listening exercises, accent understanding, accent neutralization, etc

Reading and writing English

I have had taught students communication in a way which helped them connect better with their friends. Many of us have a pen-pal with whom a student may want to connect verbally in such situations students have asked me quite a few questions to get over their anxiety.

Understanding English movies

As far as reading and writing English is concerned i have had an experience to teach these keeping in mind certain examinations like IELTS and TOEFL.

English lifestyle and culture

I have helped my students learn how to watch a movie at first with subtitles and co-ordinate dialogues with scenes at the same time. Then i move on and teach them how to watch without subtitles. Also, listening songs and understanding lyrics, listening to podcasts and ted talk and understanding it through a detailed analysis is a vital way of improving English.

Marrying a native English


Hindi lessons for children

I have taught children from age of 6-10 with help of images and stories

Hindi for beginners

To me these are the learners with zero or very basic level of knowledge and i have helped such students to gain more confidence in spoken Hindi.

Conversational Hindi

Hindi for traveling

I have helped many European and South American students learn Hindi with special focus of travelling through India. They have succeeded in making memorable trips to India and i am really happy about that.

Working with Hindi people

Having Hindi friends

Reading and writing Hindi

Understanding Hindi movies

Hindi lifestyle and culture

Marrying a native Hindi

Quite a few of many students have Hindi speaking fiance or spouse. Language is the best medium to connect better with their partner and his/her family. I have helped many students to work on their Hindi in this respect.


Marathi lessons for children

I have taught students of age 6-10 learn Marathi through stories and images.

Marathi for beginners

Conversational Marathi

I have come across situations when Marathi speaking parents moved overseas and their children can't speak Marathi. Such kids want to learn Marathi to connect with their parents on a more personal level. I have helped quite a few students in such situations.

Marathi for traveling

To be honest Marathi for travelling is a rare scenario but I am open to teach this if required.

Working with Marathi people

Having Marathi friends

Reading and writing Marathi

Understanding Marathi movies

Marathi lifestyle and culture

Marrying a native Marathi

If you are marrying a Marathi girl or a boy feel free to get in touch. I will be more than happy to help you connect with your partner and in-laws

About Tutor

I am a fun loving person. I like to travel and interact with people around the world and understand new cultures from their perspectives. It was not until a few years back that realized how much i love helping people achieve their goals and fortunately i am capable of doing that through communication because as they say words have magical powers (yes i am a harry potter buff :) ).
So, here i am as an ESL Teacher. This platform helps me to achieve my passion through assisting people in overcoming their various blocks about language and communication.


Worked as:
- ESl Teacher on various online platforms ( Oct 2016 - present)
- ESL Teacher and Communication Skills Trainer with RIA Institute Of Technology,
Bangalore (October 2016 – May 2017)
- English, Communication and Soft Skills Trainer with Frameboxx, Bangalore (July
2017-Oct 2017)
- Corporate and Behavioral Trainer (Grooming and Soft Skills), Axiss Dental, Bangalore (Freelance basis)
- Corporate Trainer (Voice and Accent Trainer for Hindi and English), Axiss Dental,
Bangalore (Freelance basis)

Teaching Approach

My approach is easy going. I do not believe that just by memorizing grammar rules one can become fluent. I like to make lessons more practical which can help learners to communicate in real time scenarios. I like to change my approach depending upon the requirements of learners.
Ultimately, my approach is focused towards reaching the end goal of the learner.

student Arati
Overall Rating

Rating Based On
Subject Knowledge

Urvi was extremely knowledgable and really cared about catering the classes to what I need.

student Arati
Overall Rating

Rating Based On
Subject Knowledge

I appreciate how flexible and friendly Urvi is while teaching me.

student Arati
Overall Rating

Rating Based On
Subject Knowledge

I really appreciate how well Urvi remembers what we’ve worked on previously and how to relate it to current classes and therefore what we might study in the future.

student Arati
Overall Rating

Rating Based On
Subject Knowledge

Urvi was on time and ready; I unfortunately was unable to attend, but she was easy to communicate with and fair about her 12 hour notice policy.

student Arati
Overall Rating

Rating Based On
Subject Knowledge

This week, we spent some time reviewing what we had learned before. Urvi would ask me questions and I would respond based on vocabulary and sentence stems I had learned in the previous 3 classes. It was really helpful and helped me create even more new ways of saying things.