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Native Language
Preferred student age
    Secondary school (12-17),
    Students (17-22),
    Adults (23-40),
    Adults (40+)
Preferred student level
    Pre Intermediate,
    Upper Intermediate,



Italian lessons for children

Unluckily I have never taught italian for children but I am sure I will like so much to do this, because I am already an after-school tutor and I enjoy to spend time with them and teach them.

Intensive Italian

Italian for beginners

On the website Skill Silo I have a student with a level advanced and during the lesson I let him talk to improve the pronunciation and I let him read and face italian articles, books, songs, quotes and we try to comment what he reads together.

Business Italian

I taught italian for beginner, and during this kind of lesson I start with the italian pronunciation, the basic grammar and the easy sentences that all the people that studies italian should know. In every lesson I try to interacting a lot with the student to be sure everything is clear and the student hasn't question with no answer

Conversational Italian

I don't teach business, because I have not the qualifications to do this and I would not be credible.

Italian for traveling

I have other private students, and one of them wants just to improve his italian to be able to talk to italian people when he comes to Italy, so together we try to create situations in which he can start talking to italians.

Reading and writing Italian

Isn't rare to find people that wants to go to Italy and for this reason they want to practice and learn sentences to ask directions in italian, order food, ask how much costs something. So to be able to face different situation I help them to do practice with the sentences organizing some dialogue. For instance: you are hungry, call the waitress and ask her a sandwich with tomatoes and mozzarella and ask her how much it costs.

Italian lifestyle and culture


Hi, my name is Ilaria and I am an italian teacher and translator.
I have a degree in Psychology but my love for the languages has brought me to travel and attend courses of foreign languages (in particular English, German and Spanish), and translation courses from English into Italian.
I live in a little town of the north of the amazing Puglia with my family and my dog Luigi.
I am a very curious person and in my spare time I like to do a lot of different things from studying programming language to crafting.


    I am an after-school tutor since 2014 and I work with kids of the primary and middle school. Currently I am also working as italian teacher for foreign students for two online schools American (2017) and Taiwanese (January 2018) with great satisfaction.

Teaching Approach

During the lesson I like to build a strong relationship with my students to know their needs, interests and the goals they want to reach and in this way I can create a personalized lesson for each one of them.
This job make me so happy, because I feel so proud of my students when they improve their language skills and they reach their goals with my help.