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I currently teach at the University of Oslo. I teach students at the beginner level of language proficiency (A1-A2). Preparing and conducting lexical and grammatical quizzes for beginners in Polish (A1, A2). Observations, preparation and conducting classes in grammar and communication at the beginner level of teaching Polish. During my classes in the Polish language, I prepare materials based on well-known textbooks for learning Polish, I use my own inspirations and ideas. I adapt the materials to the needs and expectations of my students. I prepare materials and conduct lessons tailored to the level of students based on Polish Language and Foreign Language Teaching Programs (developed and published by the Jagiellonian University).
My name is Mateusz and I am a professional Polish tutor. I teach Polish as a foreign language at every level of language proficiency. I like reading books and watching some movies. I am sympathetic and communicative. In my classes I try to create a friendly atmosphere.
I am a teacher of Polish as a foreign language. I graduated from English Philology. Currently, I am a student of the last year of master's studies in teaching Polish as a foreign language. I had an internship at a language school and also worked at a language school in an international environment as an of...