Having Hindi Friends

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After learning the language, my students can move with their Hindi friends freely and can understand them and make them understand in Hindi
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I am a native Hindi speaker. I used to speak Hindi with my friends.
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Tuition classes for Kids, adults and for every age. Having worked with pupils of different ages and abilities, I can offer help with speaking, conversation, reading and writing for absolute beginners. I teach the conversational part of the language it includes listening, understanding, conversing,group discussions, vocabulary building, grammar, pronunciation, sentence structure and various other aspects of effective communication. My lessons are very relaxed and entertaining. I encourage the students to learn new words, phrases and improve their vocabulary. For online students, lessons take place via video calling and interactive whiteboard. It is so simple to use that even kids of age 3 and above can handle it with little guidance. Overall, its a lot of fun, ease and immensely effective.